Goldmedal Electricals introduces star-rated Vector fans

· These decorative fans are the ultimate solution for style and performance with innovative styling

· It also comes with a motor that performs optimally while saving on energy consumption

Bangalore, 6th April, 2023: Goldmedal Electricals, India’s leading electrical manufacturing company launches the Vector fan as part of its star-rated decorative fans segment for the summers. This innovative and stylish fan is designed to not only accentuate your homes or offices but also to perform efficiently.

Vector_Ceiling Fan_Honey Gold_Presp 1 (002)

Goldmedal’s Vector fan defines performance with a powerful motor and aerodynamic blades promoting a wider conical spread of breeze to ensure air distribution in each and every corner of the room. A highly durable fan, the Vector is available in attractive colours with an anti-dust coating to withstand daily use. Goldmedal’s Vector is a star-rated decorative fan that ensures much less power usage compared to traditional fans.

Vector fan also offers features such as:

· Star-rated fan which adhere BEE norms

· Excellent and long-lasting paint finish with attractive colour options

· 50w @230v with 210 cmm air delivery

· Incredibly quiet

· Double ball bearing

· High-grade copper motor

Commenting on the latest addition to the fans segment, Bishan Jain, Director, Goldmedal Electricals, said, “Today, the world faces a critical challenge in the form of climate change and environmental sustainability. It is now more important than ever that we consciously choose energy-efficient technologies and solutions that not only consume less energy but also have less impact on the environment. At Goldmedal Electricals, we are committed to providing consumers with energy-efficient fans that not only offer superior performance and style but also come at affordable prices. Our star-rated fans have been designed to reduce power consumption, cut down electricity bills, and promote a greener planet. With the Vector fan and our range of energy-saving models, we guarantee that Goldmedal fans will provide high-speed cooling, whisper-quiet operation, and stunning aesthetics.”

The fan is available at INR 3900/- and can be purchased from leading retail stores. Goldmedal Electricals, one of India’s leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) companies is known for its wide range of star-rated decorative ceiling fans. The company also offers a variety of modular switches and accessories, home automation systems, luminaries and LED lights, wires and cables, doorbells, fans, PVC pipes, DBs, MCBs, and others.

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