Government urged to stop military style Chinese game Undawn purportedly being launched on the anniversary date of the Galwan attack

Social body Prahar writes a letter to Minister of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY)
Says that launch of Undawn by Chinese company Tencent on 15th June, the anniversary of the Galwan incident, portraying military uniforms and same weapons that were used by Chinese soldiers is purported and hurtful to the sentiments of Indians

New Delhi, June 17, 2023:

PRAHAR, a non-profit organisation working in the area of socioeconomic development, has written to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEIT) to stop the Chinese game Undawn which is purportedly being launched on 15th June, the anniversary date of the Galwan attack on Indian soldiers. The game portrays military uniforms and involves weapons used by Chinese forces to attack the brave Indian soldiers.

Explaining the issue, Shri Abhay Mishra, National Convenor and President, PRAHAR, said,

“India needs to be watchful of the Chinese soft influence, which is being used in the recent years along with technology invasion and trade dominance. These issues become relevant during times of potential military aggression, as was witnessed during the Galwan war. Indians need to vehemently restrain any attack, hard or soft, on the country’s sovereignty and security.”

“The launch of the Undawn game is an insult to India, to our brave soldiers and to our people. It is hurtful to the sentiments of Indians. Our children should not be allowed to play this game and come under the Chinese soft influence.”, he added.

The letter said “the Chinese company Tencent Games has launched a military style game called Undawn in India. The company has chosen to launch this game on 15th June 2023, the anniversary date of the Galwan incident, where the Chinese army had attacked our Indian army soldiers.”

The letter goes on to explain, that Undawn, the military style Chinese game, involves players in military style uniform, armed with assault rifles and heavy weapons like M416, AK 47, G36, MPX. Other weapons include stun bombs, decoy bombs, hand grenades and various kinds of bombs.

Undawn also involves weapons used by Chinese forces to attack the brave Indian soldiers. One of the prominent categories of weapons in the game are the Melee weapons. This includes the infamous combined maces with spikes and sharp edges that the Chinese used to bludgeon our soldiers. Twenty of our bravehearts lost their lives owing to these melee weapons used by the Chinese army. According to several media reports, China has later ordered several of these spiked weapons for their army.

We request you take action to immediately ban this game under section 69A of the Information Technology Act, as it threatens the sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of the state, and public order.

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