*”Govinda Ji is a mentor to me and I learnt many garba steps from him” says Kriti Verma*

Most commonly known for her fame in Bigg Boss 12, Kriti Verma is a name that’s very well remembered and loved. Kriti was recently spotted at a garba event. She is a true fan and loves dancing. The actress made sure to treat her fans by uploading videos on her social media .She had also shared pics of herself with Govinda ji dancing and enjoying the event thoroughly! She captioned her post saying “You truly are the #Herono1 ” and that was just so adorable.

Talking about the evening , she says “I had a ton of fun with Govinda ji and learned many dance steps from him. He is a Garba expert and the dancer in me just couldn’t get over the excitement of sharing the floor with him! He is a true mentor, friend and a legendary man overall and I feel privileged to have savored such beautiful moments from our evening together.”

Kriti is an international dance performer. Being a delhite and living in Mumbai. She is an amazing celebrity host and an extraordinary stage dance performer for shows nationally as well as internationally, Kriti has hosted many Live Dance Shows and been a Celebrity Host for other events. She continues to entertain us with everything she does and here’s hoping that does so even in her future endeavors!She was recently spotted at a garba event where she was invited for a Celebrity Appearance along with the big names of the B-town industry like Govinda, Mahima Chaudhary, Gulshan Grover ets.

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