Grocery 4U – An indigenous chain of outlets growing and revolutionizing conventional grocery buying

Irrespective of the world’s economy or health situation, food and groceries remain a top priority for consumers. This is one segment where the demand will never falter and instead continues to remain stable or rise. If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world, it’s the importance and availability of fresh and healthy food.

About Grocery 4U

Grocery 4U Retail Private Limited was founded in keeping with consumers’ increasing needs for essential items and groceries. The main objective behind the brand is to create convenience for consumers.

The Grocery 4U Team

With a team of veteran consultants with vast experience working with top retail brands, Grocery 4U is excited to embark on a supermarket franchise journey. The idea is to encourage individuals to become Grocery 4U owners and open Grocery 4U stores across India. The company believes in both online and offline modes of sales. It has created a concrete IP for its brand, aligned with the modern consumer’s existing and emerging need for “fast and fresh” grocery deliveries.

The Grocery 4U team understands the need for its patrons to receive fresh food that is safe and hygienic to consume and is available immediately. The team is fully committed to the community in making groceries available through this modern mix of traditional and fusion retail shopping.

Our team’s vision is to create a strong and iconic brand known in the market for delivering a superlative retail experience in the grocery and essential items space.

Grocery 4U Franchise

Has the pandemic shifted the way you think about the world? As a business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, are you excited to take up a business opportunity with an upward growth trajectory? If you’re looking at shifting to the essential goods sector, there is no better time to take up a Grocery 4U franchise in your city. The best part about Grocery 4U is that it is city agnostic – no matter which city (tier 1, tier 2, tier 3) you open the grocery franchise in, it’s bound to be beneficial.

Being a superfast-growing supermarket franchise in India, Grocery 4U promises to become a household name quickly. The team behind the brand is dedicated to delivering high-quality groceries in competitive timeframes. The brand aims at providing a dependable shopping experience to consumers. The brand also aims to invite individuals to become Grocery 4U owners by taking up Grocery 4U franchises in India. As a partner, the brand offers store owners the opportunity to take advantage of this business model.

Grocery 4U reviews have shown that the brand has superseded all expectations on establishing the brand notion, customer response, and market hold in a highly competitive space. Major online websites have projected positive reviews for Grocery 4U as a business, a grocery store, and also as a local service provider. This has further shot up the new franchise requests within close proximity as the demand for such a platform in the grocery business space keeps its hold on native consumers.

The Grocery 4U brand aims to provide its franchise partners with all the help they need with setting up the franchise.

Grocery 4U has 100+ franchise stores pan India. It allows people to invest via either the FOFO or the FOCO model. Owners require a 500+ sqft area for setup for a contract term of 5 years.

The total investment to start a Grocery 4U franchise under the FOFO model is about INR 17-18 lakhs. This includes (a) the franchise fee of INR 2,75,000 + GST, (b) per login software of INR 55,000, (c) interior costs ~INR 1,200 x 500 = INR 6,00,000, (d) Website cost – INR 4,00,000 (presently the brand is giving this for free).

Under the FOCO model, the total investment requirement amounts to ~INR 42,00,000. Grocery 4U offers a referral bonus to owners at INR 20,000 per referral. The company also provides training support.

Benefits of Opening a Grocery 4U Franchise

Founded by stalwarts of the retail industry, Grocery 4U is a culmination of experience and knowledge. The team aims to expand its outreach pan-India through a proven business model that consumers are already onboard with. Here are some top benefits of opening up a supermarket franchise model with Grocery 4U:

Easy Customer Service: One of the biggest reasons customers prefer us over other supermarket chains is the easy customer service we provide. We have a team of dedicated client servicing professionals who take care of the customer’s needs, as well as our franchise partners’ needs.

Discounts & Offers: Grocery 4U constantly offers the best discounts and offers in the market, making it very attractive for consumers to purchase goods and essential items from here.

Established Brand: The Grocery 4U brand is quickly warming its way into Indian hearts. We aim to become a household brand soon, making it easy for franchise partners to open stores with the mindset of trust already established in the market. Franchise partners don’t need to spend time marketing or engaging in advertising activities.

Brand Association: For Grocery 4U franchise partners, this is great news: the brand has already been associated with some of India’s major brands like Parle, Nestle, Patanjali, Philips, etc. It plans to expand this association to more brands in the future.

Online Ease: Available via an app, Grocery 4U is quickly available to manage any customer needs—get on the app and click on what you need!

Verified Business: Grocery 4u is a registered private limited entity with its partner offices spread across Pan India. This insight has been assimilated from Grocery 4U Franchise reviews and responses received from various stakeholders in the company since its inception.

Ready to Franchise with Grocery 4U?

From providing a modern retail experience to shopping rewards, the idea is to create a convenient and hassle-free retail experience that converts into sustainable profits. Our products and produce are derived from the freshest sources. We wish to partner with those that also share our beliefs of growing with the community.

Are you excited to be part of this fantastic opportunity to be part of the vision of 100 Grocery 4U stores in the next two years? Find more information about Grocery 4U here.

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