Gudmom by 1Organic ready-to-cook and serve Millet brand at the forefront of the Millet revolution in India

New age Mother-Son milletpreneurs are promoting and take the International year of Millets (IYoM) 2023 to new heights


January, 2022, Mumbai: A millet-based ready-to-cook and ready-to-serve food range, Gudmom by 1Organic, is set to be the Indian face of UN’s ‘Year of the Millet 2023’ campaign and is already driving both consumer engagement and farmer welfare through several ground level awareness campaigns. The start-up is immensely supported and incubated by the GoI and applauded, appreciated, and recognised by the honourable PM of India on multiple occasions. Through their consistent efforts, the award-winning brand has been transforming mindsets and food patterns for consumers across the country with their innovative range of Millet based ready to cook and ready to serve product range. Additionally, the millienpreneurs have also impacted the lives of more than 2 lakh farmers, which include women farmers and 4000 tribal families, and now aim to create a benchmark for affordable organic products. To make innovative value-based millet product widely available, Gudmom has associated with NAFED through which the Millet based organic products will be available at subsidised rates. Apart from this, the products are also available at top retail chains and e-commerce platforms in India.


The year 2023 has been proclaimed the International Year of Millets by the United Nations at the initiative of the Indian government. Millets, which comprise of highly varied group of small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains, have been found to be extremely useful as a substitute for gluten-based staples and has shown to help combat lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension, among others. Commonly found millets in India include Ragi, Bajra, Jowar etc., which are soon gaining popularity among the health-conscious youth. However, a lot needs to be done to bring these staples back into the daily lives of the majority and that is where Gudmom by 1Organic range of ready-to-cook and ready-to-serve, hassle free product range is creating a larger impact. Mrs. Sharmila Oswal, Millet Woman of India, a multifaceted individual who is currently leading the India Millet Mission through her social initiative of transforming India through the smart food revolution, has received various accolades and recognition from the Indian government, in addition to invitations to participate in several international forums as a result of her ongoing efforts. Talking about the brand and its vision, Mrs. Sharmila Oswal, Founder of Gudmom and Millet Evangelist said, “As the millet movement picks up speed in India, Gudmom is promoting and spreading awareness of Indian millets to overseas markets with the support of APEDA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. This will not only give us a special chance to raise awareness of regenerative agricultural crops which fall under the sustainable farming practices that have the potential to improve global nutrition, food security, decent jobs, and economies while accelerating climate action, but also position India as the Global Hub for Millets.”


Gudmom by 1Organic is a trusted brand for its cruelty-free, organic and affordable staples and snacks which help with a healthy lifestyle for people who find it difficult to switch from processed food. They want people to know about the benefits of millets and how they help us stay healthier. Gudmom is committed to bringing back the ancient grains, which our forefathers affectionately referred to as ‘Superfood’. Some of the benefits of millet; reversal of Diabetes, helps in protecting against heart disease, helps in detoxifying the body. They are millet start up innovative products replacing junk, unhealthy to healthy millet products like Millet noodles, Millet pasta, Millet Popcorn, Millet crackers, Millet cookies etc.


The Mother and son milletpreneurs have been working tirelessly to drive their vision and their work has been appreciated and awarded by several government and private organisations, including the Industry Leadership Award that they received in December 2022 among several others. Some of the prominent awards include the Poshak Anaj from ICAR-IIMR-Nutrihub Central Government of India, which is the most prestigious honour that the co-founder Shubham Oswal has received for Gudmom by 1Organic. Gudmom collaborated for supplying affordable organic products to TATA, ITC, Big Basket, Reliance and NAFED reputed organizations. Gudmom is currently leading the India Millet Mission as part of its CSR, and via it, several Millet seminars, events, and workshops are being held all throughout India. With the help of the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF MILLETS (IYoM)-2023, Ms. Oswal hopes to mobilise the millet community on a national and global scale. The IYoM has already been flagged out and announced in Rome and Gudmom was a part of the flagging and product process. Gudmom presently exports its goods to countries including the US, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.


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About Gudmom by 1Organic:

Gudmom by 1Organic has forayed into the retail market and offers millet-based products like noodles, cookies, pasta, popcorn, crackers and chikki. Headed by the mother and son duo – Sharmila and Shubham Oswal, the brand is already making a big mark in the Social Entrepreneurship space and are changemakers bringing Smart Food Revolution to India and globally. The company is breaking the myth of organic foods being expensive and are bringing it to the masses by closely working with more than 2000+ farmers and a state-of-the-art certified organic processing and packaging facility to maintain the integrity, quality and affordable pricing of the organic produce. Gudmom by 1Organic is a farm to fork organic brand that has impacted the lives of more than 2 lakh farmers and 4000 tribal families and aims to create a benchmark for affordable organic products. The main Motto of the company is to create affordable quality organic food, promoting regenerative sustainable agriculture producing innovative value addition healthy millet products leading to disease & medicine free life!

Leaving behind glamorous career opportunities in the UK, USA and Singapore, the highly qualified British Scholar, Water Diplomat and leader Mrs. Sharmila Oswal transformed to become a milletpreneur to create sustainable livelihoods for farmers of India. Co-founder Shubham Oswal, who has international qualifications from counties like France, Canada, Singapore and Cape Town also left his lucrative high paying career and chose to be full time Social Entrepreneur in order to create a larger impact to the communities. Together, this mother and son Nutritional Warriors are focusing on the Water-Agro-Food Security Nexus and developing climate friendly, water friendly, carbon-neutral millets as smart crops that are beneficial for a healthy lifestyle.

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