Hang Lung Properties Donates HKD 10 Million for Pandemic Countermeasures in Hong Kong

SAR – Media
OutReach – 21 February 2022 – Hang Lung Properties Limited
(Stock Code: 00101) (“the Company” or “Hang Lung”), has
announced a donation of HKD 10 million as the “Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund
2.0” in full
support of pandemic countermeasures in Hong Kong. As part of the Relief Fund
measures, the Company is also actively exploring opportunities to turn its mall
premises into COVID-19 vaccination venues to serve the public. In the first
stage, the Relief Fund is providing health protection kits and daily
necessities to frontline workers in pandemic relief-related community services,
as well as to low-income families and underprivileged students, in order to provide
support for their immediate needs.

Mr. Weber Lo, Chief Executive Officer
of Hang Lung Properties
, said, “Currently the community is in the grip of a grave outbreak of
the virus, and Hang Lung continues to be engaged in work to support measures to
contain its spread with aid being given to vulnerable individuals and families
through the ‘Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund’. We are grateful for the support
of our mall tenants, NGOs and community partners who have joined us in a
concerted effort to overcome the challenges posed by the new wave of

The Company is consulting the government
on the possibility of converting its portfolio of properties to COVID-19
vaccination venues. With the additional convenience of Hang Lung’s city-wide
locations, it is hoped that community participation in the vaccination drive
will continue to rise to levels that provide society-wide protection. Under
necessary conditions, the “Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund
2.0” will also set aside funds in support of the construction and operation of government
“mobile cabin hospitals”, in order to offer all-round support of efforts to
counter the spread of the virus.

first dispersal of resources from the “Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund 2.0” will
see “Caring Anti-pandemic Gift Packs” distributed to targeted groups including
highly devoted, hardworking frontline hygiene workers and drivers of designated
“patient-transportation” taxis, as a token of appreciation for their
dedication, and low-income families with children to alleviate the financial
burdens of those families, the anxiety and fear of children. On top of health
protection kits, these gift packs contain supermarket, and health supplies,
soup pack vouchers, a data SIM card to support student online learning, and play
packs for children. The gift packs will be distributed to beneficiaries in
phases, in conjunction with NGOs including the Society for Community
Organization, St. James’ Settlement, and Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian
Association. Apart from giving out gift packs, the Company is also in
consultation with fleet operators to swiftly provide students of
underprivileged families with free transport services for vaccination.

To align with the government’s
“StayHomeSafe” Scheme, Hang Lung has initiated work-from-home
arrangements for all office staff and provided its dutiful frontline staff with
health protection so as to safeguard their health and that of their families.
Meanwhile, based on individual situations, the Company is offering rental
adjustments for mall tenants who are experiencing pressures in their daily
operations, to weather the current challenging business environment with them.

Hang Lung would like to express its deep
respect for those fighting against the pandemic. The Company hopes that the
outbreak will soon come to an end with the concerted effort of different
sectors, allowing all citizens to return to their normal way of life.

“Hang Lung COVID-19 Relief Fund” was first
set up in February 2020 with a donation of RMB 10 million supporting pandemic
countermeasures in both Hong Kong and on the Mainland through targeted programs
to aid community groups adversely affected by the pandemic, in which RMB 6
million was contributed to finance the establishment of Leishenshan Hospital in


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