HARMAN and BITS Pilani Forge Strategic Partnership to Advance Industry Applied Quantum Computing Research and Innovation

BENGALURU, INDIA – 02 November 2023 – HARMAN, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced that its Digital Transformation Solutions strategic business unit has forged a partnership with BITS Pilani to accelerate advancements and industrial adoption in the field of quantum computing. BITS (Birla Institute of Technology & Science), Pilani, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in India, focuses primarily on higher education and research in engineering and sciences. BITS’ mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. This partnership aims to foster innovation, industry applications, knowledge exchange and research.

Quantum computing is known for its potential to revolutionize industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to cryptography. The synergistic collaboration of HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions and BITS Pilani will bridge the gap between theoretical advancements and tangible real-world applications.

Dr. Ashutosh Bhatia, a renowned quantum computing expert and faculty member at BITS Pilani stated, ” Quantum computing represents an emerging paradigm with the potential to address numerous intricate and computationally demanding challenges that classical computers currently struggle with. We anticipate that this partnership between academia and industry will serve as a foundational milestone for advancing research and education in the field of quantum computing within our nation, consequently bridging the talent gap for future quantum programmers in the industry.” Dr. Kamlesh Tiwari, an expert in computer vision and machine learning said “We are eagerly looking forward to utilize the power of quantum computing to take the next leap in the area of AI/ML”.

Dr. Jai Ganesh – Chief Product Officer, Digital Transformation Solutions, HARMAN said, “We are happy to associate with the bright minds at one of the esteemed academic institutions of India, BITS Pilani. Through this partnership, HARMAN will contribute its industry-leading expertise in quantum software development and practical quantum algorithms. Together, we aim to drive advancements that will reshape industries and solve problems previously deemed insurmountable.”

Key elements of the collaboration include:

Joint Research: Experts from BITS Pilani and HARMAN will collaborate on cutting-edge technology – projects focused on quantum development and applications in fields such as optimization and machine learning.

Student Engagement: The partnership will offer students from BITS Pilani unique opportunities at HARMAN to engage with real-world quantum computing challenges, providing them with hands-on experience and a direct pathway to industry collaboration.

Seminars and Workshops: Regular seminars, workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions will facilitate the exchange of ideas, methodologies and emerging trends in quantum computing.

This collaboration exemplifies the growing trend of partnerships between academia and industry, highlighting the collective commitment to advance technology while driving meaningful innovation.

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