Harsha Hinduja encourages young minds to learn the art of Bonsai to promote green living

Bonsai to promote strong ties between India and Japan

India, February 10, 2023: Ms. Harsha Hinduja, President of the India Friendship Bonsai Society (IFBS) and Trustee of Hinduja Foundation and wife of prominent business tycoon – Mr. Ashok Hinduja, in collaboration with Jamnabai Narsee School inaugurated the Bonsai exhibition – “Bonsai Bonanza,” on 10th February 2023, at the Jamnabai Narsee School Campus. The event was honoured by Cinestar Ms. Esha Deol as the Chief Guest, along with Padma Shri awardee Mr. Anup Jalota, the veteran singer known as ‘Bhajan Samarat’, and Dr Fukahori Yasukata, the Counsul General of Japan.

Commenting on the event, Mrs. Harsha Hinduja said, “I am thrilled to be a part of these celebrations. As a society we can learn a lot from Bonsai, it teaches us the art of patience and keeps us connected to our roots. Bonsai plants are said to be among the finest indoor plants for homes and workplaces. Not only can they improve the visual appeal, but they also offer several physiological and psychological advantages. Bonsai plants are beneficial to one’s health. It aids in the treatment of coughs, weariness, sore throats, and exhaustion. Aside from that, Bonsai has certain psychological advantages that can assist as a stress reliever. In today’s fast paced life coupled with a rise in airborne diseases the art of Bonsai is very important to save our ecosystem and contribute to a clean environment. Bonsai is a famous art form in Japan. Exhibitions like these can help connect India and Japan culturally.”

Ms. Esha Deol, actress and the chief guest for the event, said, “I have been exposed to the art of Bonsai at a very young age as my mother pursues this art actively. The verandas and the terrace of my home has a rich Bonsai collection. It’s an art form which is most relevant in modern times.”

Dr Fukahori Yasukata, Counsel General of Japan, “It is my immense pleasure to inaugurate the Bonsai exhibition organised by the India Friendship Bonsai Society supported by Mrs. Harsha Hinduja. Bonsai is an important part of Japanese culture and I am very happy for the Bonsai plants to be promoted in India. This is an event to unite Japan and India, culturally and spiritually. Through this exhibition I hope, that the friendship and understanding between the two countries Japan and India would be further strengthened.”

“It’s an honour for me to see this group of Bonsai enthusiasts grow. I would like to thank our President Mrs. Harsha Hinduja for promoting the art of Bonsai and being an innovator in this space. When grown these plants energise your workplace and environment.” said Urvashi Thacker Vice President India Friendship Bonsai Society.

The India Friendship Bonsai Society, established in 2003, is one of the prominent Bonsai clubs in India. The society celebrated its golden jubilee last year, displaying its dedication to preserving the environment and nurturing plants. With Mrs. Harsha Hinduja as the President and gardening enthusiast, the society is sure to bring a unique and memorable experience to the attendees of the ‘Bonsai Bonanza’ event.

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