HCG Hospitals Bhavnagar Successfully performs Gujarat’s First Minimally Invasive Redo-Double Valve Replacement Surgery

Bhavnagar, August 19, 2022: In one of the rarest cases, doctors at HCG Hospitals Bhavnagar successfully performed Gujarat’s first ever minimally invasive Redo-Double Valve Replacement surgery on a male patient, aged 58 years. The patient Tusharbhai Bhatt was suffering from rheumatic heart disease for which he had undergone Double Valve Replacement in 2011.

However, the patient noticed the recurrence of symptoms for the last two years. On evaluation through 2D-Echo and other advanced imaging techniques revealed the dysfunction of prosthetic heart valves, both aortic and mitral which were placed earlier in 2011. A Coronary Angiogram (CAG) was done that revealed that the coronary arteries were normal.

The team led by Dr. Brajmohan Singh, Director – Department of Cardiac Surgery, HCG Group of Hospitals, Gujarat decided to conduct Redo-Double Valve Replacement through a minimally invasive method. Speaking about the procedure, Dr. Brajmohan Singh explained that it is the first time ever a minimally invasive procedure was successfully done for Redo-DVR. The patient was diabetic, and had already undergone valve replacement surgery, a decade ago. We wanted to ensure optimal functioning of the valves, faster recovery and of course, restore the best quality of life. The team studied his condition in detail, explained to him about the prognosis and he agreed for elective Redo-DVR.”

He added, “The surgery that took around hours was done through right 3rd intercoastal space via anterior thoracotomy. Cardiopulmonary Bypass was initiated through the right groin via femoral artery and femoral vein. Redo-DVR is usually done by accessing the spot through ascending aorta but in this procedure, we reduced the risk by doing it without major incisions. A 25mm Bicarbon valve was placed in the mitral position and 19mm Bicarbon in the Aortic position and the patient is recovering well.”

Dr. Abhinav Sharma, Associate Consultant, Department of Cardio-Thoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) HCG Hospitals, Bhavnagar said “We successfully performed redo double valve replacement surgery with a minimally invasive technique for the very first time. During the course of the surgery, we chose to perform peripheral cannulation in which we used femoral vein and femoral artery for connecting to the CPB machine which acted as mechanical heart and lung when the surgery is being performed. The surgery was a rare and complex one where minimally invasive procedure helped the patient to get a fast and safe recovery.”

The patient was discharged after 5 days and is recovering. “The patient would be able to perform all duties normally without any hindrances. This procedure gave him a new lease of life and hope to many patients suffering from similar conditions,” said Dr. Brajmohan Singh.

Dr. Praful Dharani, COO, HCG Hospitals, Bhavnagar said “HCG Hospitals have constantly provided patients the greatest possibilities. We are proud of the entire team for performing this complex cardiology procedure, through a minimally invasive technique, for the valves of the heart that were operated decades ago. This challenging surgery outlined our clinical expertise and was successful due to complete cardiac care under one roof. The healthcare industry is continuously evolving, and HCG is transforming itself by adapting and implementing the latest equipment and the latest surgical procedures to suit the required needs.”

Tusharbhai Bhatt (patient) said, “The surgery has given me a new lease of life. Initially, I was not confident about the procedure. But, the doctors gave me assurance of a positive outcome from the advanced minimally-invasive procedure. I feel perfectly normal after the procedure, and I am glad everything went smoothly. I am deeply indebted to the doctors and HCG for saving me from a grave situation.”

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