HCKK Announces Year-End Financial Results and Appoint New Managing Director

Year-End Financials Indicate Strong Recovery. New Leadership to Navigate Future Growth: Mr. Apurv Bhargav Appointed as Managing Director

Mumbai, Maharashtra – Today, following a board meeting, HCKK has officially announced its financial results for the fiscal year 2022-23. This year marked a significant improvement in the company’s financial performance, with a noteworthy decrease in losses from 10.40 Lakhs in the previous year to 4.98 Lakhs.

More importantly, HCKK ended the fiscal year on an exceptionally high note, reporting a first-ever profit of 7.71 Lakhs for the last quarter ending March 2023. This substantial turnaround from the 15.69 Lakhs loss experienced in the quarter ending December 2022 signals a promising future for the company.

This positive uptick in HCKK’s financial health is a testament to the company’s persistent efforts in improving its operational efficiency and strategic decision-making processes.

In a move to steer the company toward further growth, the board has approved the appointment of Mr. Apurv Bhargav as the new Managing Director of HCKK. The board believes Mr. Bhargav’s leadership and unique perspective will guide the company in achieving its growth and profitability objectives.

As HCKK enters this new chapter under Mr. Bhargav’s leadership, all eyes will be on the company’s performance in the upcoming fiscal year. HCKK is excited about the opportunities ahead and is confident that the appointment of the new Managing Director will contribute to the company’s sustained growth.

Newly appointed Managing Director of HCKK, announces a growth-focused strategy encompassing both organic and inorganic avenues. With plans to diversify the company’s portfolio into software products and services across industry verticals, such as Education, Telecom, and Logistics, the future looks promising under his visionary leadership. Leveraging his deep-seated experience, technical knowledge, and collaborative ethos, he stands committed to the company’s accelerated growth.

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