HealthNet Global Deploys Cutting-edge 5G-connected Ambulance at Apollo Hospitals Kolkata for Swift Emergency Response

· The 5G-connected Ambulance is redefining the landscape of emergency medical services

· The cutting-edge medical equipment ensures real-time monitoring of the patient’s vital signs

· The ambulance is fitted with onboard cameras and bodycams for paramedic staff

Hyderabad, 28 November 2023 – In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing emergency healthcare, HealthNet Global has unveiled its state-of-the-art 5G-connected Ambulance at Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals, Kolkata. This custom-designed ambulance is set to redefine the landscape of emergency medical services by harnessing the power of 5G technology for real-time patient monitoring and swift communication.

The 5G-connected Ambulance is not just an ambulance; it is a fully integrated mobile healthcare unit equipped with the latest medical technologies and connectivity features. From advanced patient monitoring applications to telemetry devices transmitting real-time health data, this ambulance is designed to provide a seamless bridge between the scene of emergency and the hospital.

This innovative ambulance is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment that ensures real-time monitoring of the patient’s vital signs. The data is transmitted instantly to the hospital, enabling emergency room doctors to make critical decisions even before the patient arrives.

Additionally, the ambulance is fitted with onboard cameras and bodycams for paramedic staff. This visual data, transmitted over the ultra-fast 5G network, enables doctors to have a live feed, facilitating collaboration and allowing specialists at the hospital to provide virtual guidance for critical procedures.

Leveraging the low latency of the 5G network, the hospital’s command center can precisely track the ambulance’s location in real-time. This feature ensures swift response time, optimizing the crucial “golden hour” for emergency care.

Mr Vikram Thaploo, CEO of HealthNet Global, shared his enthusiasm about the deployment, saying, “Our 5G-connected Ambulance marks a significant leap forward in emergency medical services. The integration of 5G technology not only facilitates real-time communication and data transmission but also transforms the way we approach emergency care. This deployment underscores our commitment to leveraging innovation for the betterment of healthcare outcomes. As we usher in a new era of healthcare delivery, the 5G-connected Ambulance at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata, stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance patient care and improve overall health outcomes. We believe that this technological milestone will set a precedent for the future of emergency medical services, showcasing the transformative power of advanced connectivity in saving lives.”

Mr Rana Dasgupta, CEO-Eastern Region, Apollo Hospitals Group, commented on the significance of this technological advancement, stating, “Connected ambulances will play a crucial role in assisting emergency department staff in targeting treatment and prioritizing urgent cases. Time is the most critical resource in emergency care, and every second counts. In the past, clinical assessment of the patient could only start once they arrived at the hospital, but now 5G makes a difference.”

HealthNet Global’s 5G Connected Ambulance at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata, stands as a testament to the organization’s dedication to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology. This deployment is poised to set new standards in emergency medical services, emphasizing the critical role of 5G connectivity in saving lives.

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