Hefty Art Brings Celebrated Sculptor Arzan Khambatta’s artworks to the Metaverse; exclusive partner for NFTs

The association will immortalise Arzan Khambatta’s popular works starting with a phygital rendered collection of the legendary INS Vikrant

India, 26 April 2022: It’s his ‘traditional meets future sculptor’ creations that have rocketed artist Arzan Khambatta high above the crowd. One of the most loved sculptors of present India, his works have been recognised worldwide. Continuing to create new paradigms, Arzan Khambatta is now a part of HEFTY ecosystem. With this association, he joins the league of celebrated names from the field of art, culture, sports, and entertainment in the metaverse via HEFTY ART.

As part of the association, Arzan and Hefty will work together to create a limited-edition collection themed around India’s very-first aircraft carrier – the iconic INS Vikrant. The maritime warship holds a special place in the hearts of all Indians as it was the hero of the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. Many breathed a sigh of relief when the metal of the ship, sent to the scrapyard, was bought by crew members and Arzan had been commissioned to create a tribute to it, which still stands in Mumbai today.

Khambatta’s entry into the metaverse with Hefty Art — an initiative of Hindustan Talkies, a new-age media content company transforming entertainment across esports, games and blockchain technology, Hungama, one of the largest digital media entertainment companies in South Asia, and Polygon, the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development— will ensure the availability of some of his rare artworks for purchase as digital collectibles in the form of utility based NFTs.

Furthermore, Hefty in its collaboration with eDao, an entertainment and creator economy focused entity, is set to bring artists from the Media, Entertainment, Fine Art and Gaming industries to the world of Web3 in a bid to create the world’s largest entertainment collective. Built in collaboration with Polygon Studios and genesis partners like Hungama and Hindustan Talkies, eDAO funds and supports NFT projects and launches that feature popular celebrities, record music labels, film studios, artists, gamers and content creators. With more high-end creations in the pipeline, Hefty Art will grant users access to the Metaverse and highlight the richness and diversity of art and culture worldwide.

Along with having Khambatta on board, Hefty Art’s much awaited auction for the MF Husain’s art piece ‘Fury’ will kick-off around the second week of May. It will be the first-of-its-kind ‘phygital’ auction for an artwork by the master, who is also known as ‘The Barefoot Picasso’. This will be followed by the foray of all Hefty Certified Artists into the Hefty Metaverse. This ever-growing association with varied creative geniuses establishes Hefty Art as a comprehensive NFT marketplace that helps create an inclusive space for all forms of art on the blockchain.

Speaking on the partnership, Neeraj Roy, Managing Director – Hungama, said, “It’s an honour to be associated with an artist like Arzan Khambatta. This is yet another huge step, after collaboration with MF Husain through his family, that will enrich the Hefty metaverse. Revolutionising how art is consumed, and artists are viewed today worldwide, NFTs are just

a step ahead in the way it unleashes new limitless possibilities to showcase their work on a global scale.”

Ashish Chowdhry – Co-Founder, Hindustan Talkies, on his part, added, “We, Deepa Pardasany and I, are happy and proud to bring a sculptor of Arzan’s calibre onto our roster. With Arzan Khambatta joining in, our world only gets better and more beautiful. We want to create a metaverse that would be an art lover’s delight. Every new association allows us to back new artists and take our vision across platforms and regions.”

Excited about his metaverse debut, artist Arzan Khambatta shared, “With changing times and booming online world, the metaverse is our future. Being able to be a part of that immersive world, I am very happy to showcase my artwork in a different realm altogether. This is going to be a new experience and learning for me that I am looking forward to. I am thankful to Hefty Art and excited for this tribute to the INS Vikrant. This will definitely help me reach out to a wider audience and art markets worldwide. For any artist, the more viewers they can connect with is better. Looking forward to responses around my sculptures in metaverse now.”

After the recent announcement of Hefty Entertainment joining hands with T Series — Hefty Art is yet another vertical under the Hefty Metaverse set to define the future of entertainment.

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