Heleflo Products’ Move Towards Digitalisation and Automation

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach –
19 January 2022 – Leading supplier and converter of adhesive tapes and films, Heleflo
Products Pte Ltd has announced their move to transform the company by
implementing digital and automated solutions, with a specific focus on
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). The solutions range from accounting
and customer relations management to inventory management and production.

Products Pte Ltd launched two new factory units in Tuas in the hope to expand
and improve the efficiency of their production. In addition to this new launch,
they will also be purchasing two new machines in January that will help in the
process of slitting and rewinding adhesive tapes and films. With the
implementation of these machines, what used to be a manual dual process will
now be completed in half the time, improving production efficiency by double
and reducing manual workload and accidents. With their current delivery and
industrial-related vehicles running on diesel, they have also revealed plans to
look into investing in electric vehicles in the future.

Singapore’s transition towards sustainability, the Government has launched
several initiatives that aim to drive the nation towards reducing its carbon
footprint and enabling enterprises over the next four years. Heleflo Products
Pte Ltd aims to adopt digital solutions and promote their employees with new
skills and more time to concentrate on value-added work. The company’s
transformation and focus on ESG will include the revamp in their KPI for waste
and carbon footprint reduction and an emphasis on recycling and reusing carton
boxes and printings.

Product Pte Ltd’s is an adhesive tape company that has spent the past
37 years since their establishment providing high-quality adhesive tapes and
films for various industries across Singapore and globally. They currently
partner with several significant factories from the USA, Europe, Malaysia,
Korea, and Japan. They are on the lookout for more partners to provide quality
products. Their range of tapes and films include general-purpose tapes to
environmentally friendly kraft paper tapes and Electrostatic
Dissipative (ESD) films.

more information on Heleflo Product Pte Ltd and its range of products, please
visit https://heleflo.com.sg/.



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