Herbalife Nutrition presents Eat Right Food Summit 2022 supported by Eat Right India movement

India, 27th April, 2022: Herbalife Nutrition, a premier global nutrition company, presented the Eat Right Food Summit 2022 in Delhi. This strategic forum brought together stakeholders from government, politics and private sector to set the agenda for a healthier future as part of the Eat Right India campaign that aims to promote and provide safe, healthy and nutritious diet choices by upgrading the infrastructure of food outlets and enhancing the awareness and skill set of food handlers and customers.

Commenting on the initiative, Ajay Khanna, Sr. Vice President & India Country Head, Herbalife Nutrition said, “As a company, we feel privileged to work on our campaign Eat Right which is aligned with the Government of India’s National Health Policy 2017 with its focus on preventive and promotive healthcare and flagships programmes. We strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle and nutrition and this is an important step towards that goal of making India healthier.”

Sharing thoughts on this Shri Arun Singhal CEO Food Safety and Standard Authority of India said “Over the years, FSSAI has demonstrated the regulatory stewardship by taking a food systems approach to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for all Indians. The Eat Right India is identified as a National Movement to transform the country’s food system by ensuring safe, healthy and sustainable diets for everyone, at all times. This is not only a mechanism to celebrate the success achieved so far but is an integrated platform for all of us to think and deliberate together to come up with innovative solutions for a healthier tomorrow. Such summits and forums aim at strengthening the collaboration through open dialogues guided by stakeholders for creating a future roadmap.”

The forty campuses where Herbalife Nutrition is supporting the implementation of the Eat Right Campaign, include State Secretariats, ISRO campus, Police training centres, Air Force camps, universities, colleges and railway stations. Herbalife Nutrition also ran a series of awareness programs across the country to help educate individuals about the importance of eating right as part of a healthy life. Starting in December 2021, this project has already covered 17 mass canteens. The campuses that have already been certified include Hubbali Railway Station, Central Prison and Indo-Tibetan Police Force in Madurai, Collectors Office, IAS Academy in Pune, ISRO campus etc. showing that this initiative is aimed at wider public reach.

As a pilot, Herbalife identified Bengaluru and Mysore to implement the Eat Right awareness programs in 2021. A series of awareness videos were developed to inform about safe, healthy and balanced eating by engaging prominent speakers and promoting via social media and radio channels in Bengaluru, impacting millions of citizens.

The Eat Right Food Summit was an important forum for strengthening collaboration and open dialogue between stakeholders to create a future roadmap.

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