Here are Top 5 technology led platforms assisting students in studying abroad

Technology is now being used by universities all around the world to improve student performance. Transformative AI technology is enabling universities throughout the world in tapping into the growing pool of students interested in studying abroad. Universities are using data-driven AI techniques to forecast enrolment patterns and improve recruiting and retention. Universities around the world are teaming up with EdTech start-ups that are using data to revolutionise the study abroad scene.

COVID-19 put our lives in jeopardy, affecting every facet of our life. However, data shows that the pandemic did not deter students who wanted to study abroad. Even after the COVID problem, we’re seeing an increase in the number of kids who want to study abroad. The pandemic has given birth to several AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) operated platforms, which have assisted students in making informed decisions about studying abroad.

These platforms provide impartial advice, content, and application assistance to students about not only various course and university options, but also which options will suit them the best given their interests and aim to help their users to make better, well-informed decisions. In order to do so, they build assistive AI products that tackle problems that most users face in their everyday lives.

Here are Top 5 technology led platforms assisting students in studying abroad:

iSchoolConnect – An AI-enabled platform simplifies the international university application process for aspirants. While it takes 200+ hours for one student to cover the entire application cycle; our product brings this down to 24 hours. Our scalable technology can sift through 2800+ universities & 300K+ programs to give profile-based recommendations. The other offerings in our product suite, such as the Writing Mentor Tool and Video Interview Analyzer, help students receive instant feedback on college essays/SOPs and university and visa interview performance. iSchoolConnect is the simple one stop shop for all your higher education requirements.

Study Group: Study Group is the leading provider of international education, driving success for their students and partners. For 25 years, Study Group has been working with leading universities across the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. They nurture ambitious students from diverse academic backgrounds and prepare them for success at their chosen university through our on-campus International Study Centres. Their programmes provide the language, academic and social skills that students need for university progression and continued success after they graduate. Each year they enrol over 30,000 students from more than 140 countries. India has been identified as one of the top growth opportunities for Study Group in 2020 and will be an integral contribution to achieving Study Group’s Vision 2022 strategy. The mission is to deliver an additional 800 new student enrolments (NSEs), to achieve significant market growth from India in 2020 onwards.

Leverage Edu: Leverage Edu is India’s most trusted study abroad Ed-Tech platform providing full-stack services to students pursuing international education and careers. Headquartered in New Delhi, with offices in Hyderabad, Pune and the recently launched European office in UK, Leverage Edu offers specialised services along with various tech products such as Univalley- aimed at bringing together universities and students, Uniconnect- World’s leading virtual education fair platform that helps 150+ universities connect with thousands of students, helping students apply in real time and financial services.

Leap Scholar: Founded in 2019, Leap Scholar is South Asia’s largest overseas study abroad platform with products & services in overseas education. Leap Scholar has pioneered the ‘platform way’ of end-to-end services for students pursuing international education and careers and has a thriving community of 1M+ students. It aims to help build a network of bright Indian students looking for International education with a vision to assist future leaders in pursuing their international careers. It’s a one stop solution for all the need to kick start a global education dream – from exam prep, choosing the right university to helping with application and financing counselling to lining up job interviews.

Yocket: Founded in 2015, Yocket is today the largest community-driven online platform for international education. They help students aspiring to study abroad by connecting them to the best universities in the world. To date, Yocket has helped more than 600,000 students plan their international education. Yocket for Students: Yocket is the perfect place to start your research and understand the process for studying in countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, and many more. Yocket uses data science and ML combined with the power of the user community to accurately match students to more than 50,000 courses and specializations from 1200 international universities. Further, there’s access to application deadlines and tools to track universities’ decisions, prepare for tests, or connect with alumni and university reps. Yocket for University Representatives: Yocket is a great online platform to reach out to thousands of aspirants from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria and many more countries.

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