Here’s Why Toppr Learning App is Trusted by Parents of More Than 23 Million Students

The digital revolution in India brought about significant changes in the field of education. Add to that the coronavirus pandemic, and a major student population was getting accustomed to the idea of e-learning to achieve academic success.

With an abundance of study resources available on the internet, picking the right tool surely seemed a challenge for parents and students. But, the Toppr Learning App went on to pioneer K-12 (Kindergarten to class 12) education despite a large number of boards in India.

The Need to Introduce a Learning App

Every parent dreams of a bright future for their children. They also understand that this can be achieved by helping them to cope with the competitive environment, and score better without stress. Every child has ambitious goals and they realize the need for educational tools to help them achieve those. Toppr introduced the Learning App sensing this very need of the students.

However, the diversity of syllabi and the depth required in the K12 curriculum was a major challenge for Toppr. Despite the challenge, the Edtech platform succeeded in introducing the right syllabus combination to fulfill the educational needs of every child. Learning App now covers 22 boards across India, including CBSE and ICSE.

How Students Ace Competitive Exams with Learning App

Apart from the board exams, India has several competitive exams for admissions into undergraduate programs. These exams cater to students who may have different goals and aspirations.

Toppr Learning App covers 58 such exams, including Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), Chartered Accountancy (CA) Foundation, and Olympiads. The learning modules provide a competitive edge to students over their peers.

Besides, many students set their career goals in their formative years of education. They usually prepare for scholarship exams like National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), State Science Talent Search Examination (STSE), and Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTSE).

Realizing the absolute need to meet the learning requirements, Learning App covers the syllabus of every major national and international scholarship exam. It is now trusted by more than 23 million students in the country.

What Sets Learning App Apart?

Toppr Learning App provides a 360° approach to ensure complete learning. The platform’s three key features are – Learn, Practice and Ask. Students can attend live classes conducted by some of the best teachers in India. Besides, students get to access a vast repository of video classes that enables them to learn at their own pace.

Additionally, Toppr ensures that students not just learn but are able to retain the concepts for a long time. This is being realized with the use of animation and diagrams in quick revision modules.

Ace Your Concepts with Adaptive Practice

Practice makes students perfect! Well aware of the increasing needs, Learning App’s Adaptive Practice feature lets students practice questions according to their learning speed. It provides them the opportunity to practice questions for boards and competitive exams.

Moreover, the Make Your Own Tests feature evaluates the students’ exam readiness and focuses upon strengthening their core concepts. This very Adaptive Practice feature, when clubbed with study resources, makes the Learning App the ultimate choice for students.

Getting Your Queries Resolved with Learning App

Students tend to refrain from getting their doubts resolved in a traditional classroom setting. This can be attributed to a lack of confidence or hesitation among students. Moreover, the massive number of students in a classroom makes it nearly impossible for the teachers to answer every query that comes their way.

To resolve this problem, Learning App has formulated the Ask feature. The Edtech platform has encouraged students to get their doubts answered through chats and snaps. Learners can simply upload a picture of their doubt or text it on the platform to receive detailed stepwise solutions.

Moreover, the 24*7 tutor support on the Learning App is an unparalleled feature in the Indian Edtech space. It allows students to get precise doubt resolution, even at midnight! To put it in numbers, more than 29 million doubts have been answered by Toppr experts to date.

To Conclude

Toppr Learning App continues to cater to the students through its Learn, Practice, and Ask features. Toppr prides itself on having served more than 23 million students in India. The platform is committed to introducing innovative features to help students achieve their academic goals.

Indeed, parents of 23 million students have placed their trust in the Learning App, making it the most sought-after platform in India. This trust serves as an inspiration in making the Learning App the ultimate platform for educational needs.

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