High Performance Coach and TEDx speaker, Aditi Surana launches the widely popular ‘Absolutely Write’ podcast as ‘The Aditi Surana Show’

This season is set to be a perfect blend of real life experiences and coaching sessions with high performers from diverse backgrounds

Mumbai, 17 October 2022: A distinguished high-performance coach, behavioural analyst, keynote speaker and podcaster, writer, art enthusiast and Founder of India’s first mental gym, APT (Aspire Perform Transform), Aditi Surana—who exemplifies versatility—has recently launched the second season of her very popular podcast ‘Absolutely Write’ in a brand new avatar. Rebranded as ‘The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer,’ the once-a-week podcast seeks to allow its listeners to learn from extraordinary people who are phenomenal leaders and high performers in their respective fields. It will help people embrace ideas that will make them think like a high performer and thrive despite the most challenging circumstances that they may face through the course of life.

‘Absolutely Write,’ was launched in 2020 and now has more than 230 episodes under its belt. At that time, it was India’s first and only graphology-based podcast which has established a listenership of more than 50,000. The new season of the podcast, ‘The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer,’ promises to decode the minds of some remarkable high performers who have successfully made a mark on the world, thus giving the audience a chance to learn from their experiences and imbibe the lessons these personalities have learnt.

The new season will have an interesting format where she also coaches her guests in addition to the interview format to create a unique experience for her listeners. The show will see Aditi sharing some insights, learnings and ideas with the listeners to expand their wide spectrum of knowledge and help them reach the highest levels of their creative potential. To make the podcast more engaging the conversations this season will be in Hinglish for the first time.

The very first episode of the show with renowned Indian author, speaker, illustrator and mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik has already gone live and the response has been encouraging. In this latest episode, Devdutt is seen in a riveting conversation with Aditi where he delves deeper into Indian mythology and shares his perspective on myths, facts and more importantly how one looks at and understands Indian mythology

In the podcast, Devdutt Pattanaik remarked, “Fact is everybody’s truth, fiction is nobody’s truth & myth is somebody’s truth. This also means more people equals more faces to truth. Another matter of fact is that in India, everything is contextual. In ancient times, culture and values were passed on verbally through art, sounds etc and the concept of writing came at a later age. This gave birth to Individuals having their own beliefs and perceiving that their beliefs are the truth. Where in reality, one’s belief could be a myth for someone else because it is a limited truth.“

Reflecting on the conversation, he added “It was insightful to receive Aditi’s take on why people behave in a certain way and how handwriting can reflect someone’s personality. It was a remarkable experience recording the very first episode and I look forward to hearing the next ones.”

Speaking about the relaunch of the podcast, Aditi Surana mentioned, “ A few months back, I decided to commit myself to the larger idea of making India mentally fit. And to become mentally fit, we need some role models in our life, who are doing some unique and different things in their life. The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer’ is a brand new version with a brand new name and vibe. For the first time, we will be going Hinglish and the conversations will stay real, and authentic. My guests are not only high performers who inspire us, but their stories and their body of work are so impressive that they inspire us to go beyond our limitations. Through this podcast, I want to help people find motivation and develop the right mindset to function optimally. Moreover, each episode is carefully designed to give the audience a great audio experience while they are listening and learning.”

‘The Aditi Surana Show – Think Like A High Performer’, will have new episodes every week. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Google podcast, Apple podcast, or go to aditisurana.com/podcasts and tune in every Wednesday.

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