Highlights AMFI Mutual Fund Industry Monthly Data for September 2022

Ø SIP contribution of INR 12,976.34 Lakh crore compared to INR 12,693.45 Lakh crores is the highest first time ever.

Ø Mutual Fund Folios crossed all-time high at 13,80,87,328 crores and Retail MF Folios too at all-time high at 10,99,66,677

Ø Mutual Fund Industry Net AUM at INR 38,42,350.73 Lakh crores, AAUM at INR 39,87,990.26 Lakh crores

Ø Number of SIP accounts stood at 5,83,77,684 for the month of September 2022

Ø Monthly SIP Contribution at INR 12,976.34

Ø Mutual Fund folios have crossed last month’s milestone of highest ever. This signifies healthier and disciplined investment mode by small investors.

Ø SIP AUM at INR 6,35,285.66 lakh crores with a month on month change of -4,501.49. SIP AUM stood at INR 6,39,787.15 lakh crores for the month of August 2022

Ø Retail AUMs (Equity+Hybrid+Solution Oriented Schemes) in September 2022 stood at INR 19,76,571.47 lakh crores and the Average AUM stood at INR 20,24,355.56 Lakh crores

Ø No. of Folios under retail schemes (Equity+Hybrid+Solution Oriented Schemes) at 10,99,66,677

Ø 17 open ended schemes were launched in (Income/Debt Oriented Schemes + Growth/Equity Oriented Schemes + Hybrid Schemes + Solution Oriented Schemes + Other Schemes) 7 NO. of schemes launched in close ended were 4 with total number of funds mobilised INR 8,374 lakh crores.

Ø Gold ETF has also shown positive spike.

Speaking on the media release of September data, Mr N S Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI said: “SIP numbers look healthy with the highest ever contribution at INR 12,976.34 crores a month. We are hopeful that we will touch ₹13,000 crore per month mark in contribution in the coming months.”

Mr. NS Venkatesh added, “In the last few months markets reacted to inflationary factors and events like rate hikes. However, small investors have shown consistent faith in mutual fund investments. They see SIP as wealth accumulation and wealth creation over a longer term. Investors must stay focussed on their goals and continue to invest in Mutual funds and not lose the opportunity”.

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