Himalaya Wellness Company Launches Campaign on Koflet – Cough Ka All-rounder

~ Scheduled during the autumn/winter season, the campaign aims to build awareness at scale continuously

Bengaluru, 06/11/2023 – Himalaya Wellness Company, one of India’s leading wellness brands, announced the launch of Himalaya Koflet’s 360-degree advertising campaign. The campaign aims to improve brand awareness of Koflet cough syrup, which is useful in cough of varied causes. Koflet provides safe and effective relief from dry and productive (wet) coughs in all age groups.

In a world where air pollution, viral infections, and changing lifestyles have led to a surge in cough-related issues, Koflet addresses the pressing needs of the market. Unlike many other cough syrups, Koflet offers an herbal, non-drowsy formula that promises quick relief without compromising on the quality of life.

Himalaya’s consumer immersions revealed intriguing insights into consumer behavior when it comes to purchasing cough syrups. The findings indicate that many consumers tend to believe that a cough will resolve on its own, leading them to avoid consulting a doctor. Understanding the behavior of consumers when it comes to cough management, Himalaya recognized a significant gap in self-medication practices. Many individuals tend to underestimate the severity of their cough, and when they do seek relief, they often find themselves unsure about which cough syrup to choose.

“Koflet’s comprehensive campaign aims to be the all-round remedy for cough. The campaign highlights the efficacy of Koflet syrup and showcases the complete range of Koflet products, including lozenges and linctus. It positions Koflet as the all-rounder solution for different cough relief needs, bridging the gap for consumers searching for the right remedy,” says Vikas Bansi, Business Head-OTC, Himalaya Wellness Company.

Koflet syrup is an Ayurvedic formulation infused with key ingredients like Tulasi, Yashtimadhu, and 25% Honey, a WHO-recommended ingredient for effective cough relief, making the product safe and effective for a wide range of ages and various types of coughs.

Vikas further adds, “To ensure a comprehensive approach, the campaign will be launched nationwide. The target audience for Koflet is vast, encompassing both children and adults of all ages. The campaign will be activated across leading national and regional TV channels, ensuring a strong presence in critical markets like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. Additionally, a radio campaign will run simultaneously in 30 metro and tier-1 cities, further enhancing brand awareness.”

Link to the video Campaign: https://youtu.be/YLpWMzxaH88?feature=shared

Himalaya Koflet is also committed to expanding distribution, making the product available in over 100,000 outlets nationwide and on popular e-commerce platforms. Point-of-sale merchandise will be deployed at retail outlets, enhancing brand visibility at the last mile. The campaign’s third crucial element involves educating doctors about the Koflet range and its benefits, contributing to consumer faith in the product’s efficacy.

The campaign aims to create widespread awareness during the peak cough season, from October to December. Consumers will be educated about the diverse factors causing coughs and will be offered an effective solution for relief.

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