HKCERT and Cybersec Infohub Fully Support Open Threat Intelligence Campaign

(Hong Kong, 20 July 2022) To help organisations enhance their cyber security defence capabilities, the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) of the Hong Kong Productivity Council collaborates with the Cybersec Infohub to launch the Open Threat Intelligence Campaign. Through the collaboration, local and overseas threat intelligence collected by HKCERT and cyber security researchers around the world will be contributed to the collaborative platform of Cybersec Infohub.

Threat intelligence gives organisations better visibility into the latest cyber threat landscape and enables them to stay ahead of threat actors’ next move. Member organisations of Cybersec Infohub can access the latest local threat intelligence data for early identification or proactive blocking of suspicious network activities, such as IP addresses involved in Botnets and links to phishing websites, and thus, taking mitigation measures promptly against security incidents.

HKCERT uses Cybersec Infohub as an integrated intelligence sharing platform to provide automatic integration of threat intelligence feeds with organisations’ security systems by means of machine-to-machine (M2M) sharing. IT administrators may consider utilising such feature to integrate the feeds into network devices that support automatic blocking. For some organisations which are outsourcing their IT services, they may consult their service providers for subscription to the free threat intelligence service.

For information security related incidents, for example, ransomware, phishing, denial of service attack, etc., please report to HKCERT through its online Incident Report Form at For other enquiries, please contact HKCERT by email: or call its 24-hour hotline: 8105 6060.

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