HKPC and OGCIO Co-organise “Know-IT Solution Day” to

Jointly Promote the New “Smarter Campus” Technology Solutions and

Foster TechEd Development

(Hong Kong, 15 June 2022) To promote the TechEd development in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)’s Inno Space and the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) co-organise a “Know-IT Solution Day” today to introduce the latest information and application tips of the programme, as well as showcasing a series of new “Smarter Campus” and I&T related extra-curricular activities technology solutions for primary school principals and teachers to keep up-to-date with the TechEd trend. The “Knowing More About IT” Programme was launched by the OGCIO last year, providing funding of up to $400,000 to each publicly-funded primary school in the three school years from 2021/22 to 2023/24 with an aim to stimulate primary school students’ interest in IT through relevant extra-curricular activities.

HKPC’s Inno Space believes the “Know-IT Solution Day” can help primary schools understand the latest technology applications and encourage them to make good use of government resources to organise I&T related extra-curricular activities for enhancing the quality of TechEd in Hong Kong. The event was fully supported by over 20 STEM partners, demonstrating the hottest TechEd and technology solutions for I&T extra-curricular activities, such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Programming, Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Printing and Metaverse, etc. It also introduced the “Prototype Workshop for Teachers” and “TechEd Smarter Campus”* for teachers. The event attracted around 100 schools to participate, facilitating academia in identifying suitable technology solutions and connecting them to reputable service providers, so as to promote the wider application and all-round development of TechEd.

Mr Brian Sun, Senior Systems Manager (Industry Development) of the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, said, “We encourage primary schools to apply for funding from the ‘Knowing More About IT’ Programme as soon as possible to arrange more innovative and interesting I&T related extra-curricular activities for their students, with a view to arouse their interests in I&T.”

Ms Karen Fung, General Manager, InnoPreneur (SME & Startup Growth) and FutureSkills of HKPC, said, “With I&T industry becoming the trend-setter in the future, the market has a high demand for technology talents. We truly believe that talent is imperative to the growth of Hong Kong’s I&T development. Inno Space has been committed to promoting TechEd, covering aerospace technology, cyber security, green technology, robotics engineering, smart city and virtual world technologies. Last year, we held more than 100 seminars and workshops in various forms, engaged with primary and secondary teachers and students and a number of STEM partners, and served over 80 schools in the TechEd STEM Network to enhance their knowledge and skills in the I&T field, and thus raising their competitiveness and preparing for the digital world. During the pandemic, we launched a free online learning platform with 15 ‘FutureSkills’ workshops, enabling teachers and students to learn and upskill while at home. HKPC will continue to organise more training services in multiple platforms to meet the market needs in the future.”

Among all the exhibitors with innovative and fun solutions, the NFT trading platform – Popsible demonstrated the latest NFT certificates and parent-teacher conference NFT solutions, letting the participants experience the process of minting their own unique NFT products. The education technology solutions partner – Preface introduced its “Personalised STEM Training” courses, showing how to use AI machine learning to provide students with the most ideal web development, data science and programming courses to strengthen their logical thinking.

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*TechEd Smarter Campus


Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) Inno Space is committed to be the TechEd STEM Hub in Hong Kong through building a community of STEM educators, schools, universities, startups and makers. The TechEd Network Scheme is a comprehensive solution package for local primary and secondary schools with TechEd STEM education, industry exposure of cutting-edge technologies, design and prototype workshops, as well as advisory and support to schools.
Objective: Offers one-stop TechEd STEM learning and teaching resources for local secondary and primary schools
Target Audience: Secondary and primary schools
*Prototype Workshop for Teachers


Maker is a TechEd STEM workshop integrated with applied technology and first-hand experience.
Objective: Experience science and technology, engineering knowledge and arts in an interesting way. The workshop allows you to create your own innovative prototypes through idea creation, understanding, and problem solving. Inno Space technicians will share some tips and provide assistance on equipment and software applications, helping teachers create their own work and develop TechEd STEM courses.
Format & Time: Physical. 1.5 – 2 hrs / workshop
Target Audience: Suitable for STEM teachers and related teaching professionals.

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