HKPC New Promo Video Highlights the Dare to Innovate

and Persevere Despite Difficulties Hong Kong Spirit

(Hong Kong, 28 July 2022) The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) recently launched a brand new promo video directed by veteran director David Tsui, which took viewers back to Hong Kong in the 1960s. Evoking a deep appreciation for the collective spirit of Hong Kong people to innovate and overcome difficulties with wisdom, the promo video affirms that HKPC shares the same “Innovation Never Stops” spirit. It also showcases the delicate approach and thoughtfulness of the video production team. From location, music, props to the colour palette, a distinct flair of Hong Kong in the 1960s and its human touch are well-captured. This heartwarming, guileless and affectionate tale is expected to resonate with many people.

Adapted from a real story, the promo video told the tale of a boy who after breaking his father’s new speaker unleashing his creativity to transform a pot for herbal decoction into a speaker with good sound quality. Daring to think outside the box and try, the main character of the story demonstrated his perseverance guided by the “Innovation Never Stops” spirit. Ultimately, he managed to overcome the difficulties with wisdom and creativity. Equally, like the protagonist of the story, HKPC upholds its commitment on innovation to put ideas into practice with advanced technologies and deliver values for enterprises. It is determined to “Make Smart Smarter” and stimulate Hong Kong productivity to reach new heights.

HKPC is dedicated to supporting Hong Kong industries with the advanced technologies of “Industry 4.0” and “Enterprise 4.0” and innovative services. Under the pandemic, it has held fast to this mission. With technical support and consultancy services, HKPC is facilitating the digital transformation of SMEs to achieve reindustrialisation and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Hong Kong enterprises. Over the years, our collaboration with clients have yielded fruitful returns and won many international, Mainland and local awards and accolades. They serve as testaments to our achievements in promoting the reindustrialisation of Hong Kong and achieving commercialisation with innovative R&D. Looking ahead, HKPC will continue to strengthen the collaboration between the government, industry, academic and research sectors. It will also provide technical support, FutureSkills training and government funding scheme services for enterprises to realise their dreams. All these aim to enable Hong Kong to “achieve a better future with innovation and technology (I&T)” and become an international I&T hub and a smart city.

The 3-minute and 90-second versions of the new HKPC promo video for 2022 are being broadcast on various platforms and social media. Please click the following links to view the videos:

· 90-second version:

· 3-minute version:

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