HKU to Host APRU 27th Annual Presidents’ Meeting on Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Media OutReach – 25 June 2023 – Hong Kong is set to welcome academic leaders from across the Asia Pacific region and beyond for the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) 27th Annual Presidents’ Meeting. The meeting aims to foster discussions and develop innovative solutions that contribute to sustainability and carbon neutrality, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in addressing current and future global challenges.

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is hosting the Annual Presidents’ Meeting from June 25-27, bringing together over 140 guests from 51 universities. Themed “From Invention to Implementation – Solutions for a Sustainable Future,” the meeting will focus on innovative ideas and strategies to achieve goals, including carbon neutrality and the adoption of green technologies. Through a concerted effort among individuals, businesses, and governments, participants aim to make these solutions a reality, advancing humanity towards a sustainable future. Four key topics will be explored in the panel discussions:

Our Planet, Our Future

Unleash Green Technologies to Power the Future

Educating Future Generations for Planet Thought Leadership

Systems Approach to Mitigating Globally Connected Risks

As the world’s population reaches eight billion, we are facing a crucial moment. The harmful effects humans have caused to our planet put Earth’s natural systems at risk of being irreparably damaged. Challenges such as poverty, inequality, armed conflicts, and climate change threaten all living beings. To secure a sustainable future that serves the needs of both humans and the planet, we require innovative solutions that necessitate a collective effort from all of us.
The President and Vice-Chancellor of HKU, Professor Xiang Zhang, said: “This meeting serves as a pivotal moment for HKU, acting as a nexus that unites and directs the efforts of university leaders operating within diverse contexts across our network. I look forward to the discussions, exchange of ideas and stimulation of knowledge as we work together toward a more sustainable future.”
Professor Gene D. Block, Chair of APRU and Chancellor for the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), said: “This event offers an essential platform for higher education leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to share new ideas and find solutions to the region’s most critical challenges. I am confident that everyone attending will benefit from the engaging and thought-provoking discussions.”
During the meeting, HKU will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Fudan University and The University of Sydney on June 26 to advance research and educational programs promoting sustainability development. HKU is making significant strides towards sustainability and is committed to continuing its efforts to promote a greener and more sustainable future.
List of University Presidents attending the 2023 meeting in Hong Kong

Professor Xiang ZHANG, The University of Hong Kong, President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor Gene D. BLOCK, UCLA, Chancellor; APRU Chair

Professor Rocky S. TUAN, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Vice-Chancellor and President; APRU Vice-Chair

Professor Bundhit EUA-ARPORN, Chulalongkorn University, President

Professor Kohei ITOH, Keio University, President

Professor Dong-One KIM, Korea University, President

Professor Naoshi SUGIYAMA, Nagoya University, President

Professor HO Teck-Hua, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, President

Professor TAN Eng Chye, National University of Singapore, President

Professor CHA Jeong-In, Pusan National University, President

Dr. Honglim RYU, Seoul National University, President

Professor DING Kuiling, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, President

Dr. Joy JOHNSON, Simon Fraser University, President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor Wen-Chang CHEN, National Taiwan University, President

Professor David GARZA, Tecnológico de Monterrey, President

Professor Nancy Y. IP, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, President

Professor Dawn FRESHWATER, The University of Auckland, Vice-Chancellor

Professor Deborah BUSZARD, The University of British Columbia, Interim President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor Mark Scott AO, The University of Sydney, Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Hideo OHNO, Tohoku University, President

Professor Rosa DEVÉS, Universidad de Chile, Rector

Professor Peter HØJ AC, The University of Adelaide, Vice-Chancellor and President

Dr. Carol L. FOLT, University of Southern California, President

Atty. Angelo A. JIMENEZ, University of the Philippines, President

Professor Aiji TANAKA, Waseda University, President

Professor DU Jiangfeng, Zhejiang University, President

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