Hon’ble Governor of Haryana meets Yogiraj Swami Lal Ji Maharaj

An exclusive Yoga Camp was organized by Haryana Yoga Sabha (Regd.) at Yog Chikitsalya, Sector 12, Panchkula, and Haryana from 08th May to 15 May 2022 under the sublime guidance of Yogiraj Swami Lal Ji Maharaj.

People of all ages including school children, and college students with their teachers, and working professionals, participated in the Yoga Camp. They performed various Yoga Asanas and Pranayama (breathing exercises) in presence of Swami ji and his instruction team.

The emphasis of the camp was to ensure that the people who are straining their neck and back for long hours, causing cervical spondylitis and back pain by Saral Sahaj yoga. Surprisingly each of them relives their aches and pains besides enhancing their workability even a large no of houses wife’s also participated in the said camp. These asanas, practically, had a therapeutic effect on migraine, sinus, eyesight, paralysis, and BP concerns.

A Yoga Workshop was held at Navodya Vidyalaya, Panchkul, and at the Govt Model Sanskriti Sr Sec School Sector 26, Panchkula, and Haryana. Besides yoga during this workshop, they were also given quite beneficial tips to improve their lifestyles which is laying at the root of so many illnesses today. All the participants were apprised about how, in today’s modern world, yoga is the only way to manage and manage one’s life. Swami Ji further emphasized “We should not just be concentrating on Asanas or Pranayama, but also should perform inner cleansing techniques of yoga (shatkarma) Meditation could be the master key to a healthy and wealthy life. Our rich scripts of philosophical and cultural traditions, nurtured by visionary yogis, saints, and sages, are based on some eternal humanitarian values, which have been influencing the world for ages. Yoga and natural cures, practices in ancient times, have now found fancy among the Indians and the world,”

While addressing the media swami Ji said “Over the years, I have developed a set of easy-to-do yogic exercises which are performed gently but strictly synchronized with deep breathing, to help people attain good health and peace of mind after each session. Simple Jeevan Tatav (crocodile yogic postures) founded Yog Yogeshwar Mahaprabhu Ramlal Ji Maharaj approx. 135 years ago or spinal manipulations have helped millions of people around the world to attain flexibility in their body, while at the same time, it has also helped rid them of chronic diseases like recurring issues like obesity, diabetes, constipation, gas and acidity, backache, indigestion, sciatica, cervical spondylitis, migraine, tinnitus, etc.”. The day got started with prayers for good health and peace and was followed by deep breathing and yoga exercises, chanting of mantras for beginners along with meditation.

Each participant was asked about the physical or mental issues, or both, that they are facing and the yoga routine they were asked to follow was tailor-made depending on their age, capacity, and health conditions. For those whose bodies remain stiff, they were assisted in performing ‘Saral sehaj yoga postures’ to make their bodies supple and flexible within the one week of the yoga camp. Participants were also taught the right way of breathing to de-stress and calm their minds. There were also exercises to enhance the endurance levels of executives working for long hours on computers as well as those who have to routinely drive long distances.

Swami Ji also demonstrated before the participants some of the Yogic Kriyas (Shatkarmas) or detox yoga practices that help detoxify the body from the toxins. They were also familiarized with the right sequence of yoga to be followed for the yoga exercises to derive optimal benefits.

Yogiraj Swami Lal Ji Maharaj is a part of the Guru Parampara of Yog Yogeshwar Mahaprabhu Ramlal Ji Maharaj, He is the 4th Gen Yog Guru in the lineage and is the only living Yog Guru in India who started teaching Yoga on Indian National T.V way back in 1975 and still teaches Yoga on various T.V channels ever since and has conducted seminars on Yoga in more than 22 countries. Apart from this His holiness meets the Hon’ble Governor of Haryana Shri Bandaru Dattatreya at Rajbhawan along with Guru Maa Smt Prabha Devi and Yogacharya Amit Dev and explained to him about the posture correction along with some yogic and lifestyle changes.

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