Huddly® Multi-Camera Experience showcased at Google Cloud Next 2022 to support adaptive framing

Huddly’s latest innovation, the Huddly® Multi-Camera Experience, was introduced at Google Cloud Next 2022 in a session titled, “What’s next in productivity and hybrid work” At Huddly, we believe that creating an effective hybrid workplace begins with making video calls as engaging as in-person meetings.

“The in-room Google Meet hardware supports adaptive framing with multiple intelligent cameras from Huddly. These use active speaker tracking to automatically frame people as they speak and capture attendee responses so that everyone can be seen clearly and feel included,” Ilya Brown, Vice President, Product Management at Google Cloud, explained in the session.


The Huddly® Multi-Camera Experience brings the meeting to life for people joining remotely. The outcome is a better and more collaborative environment that improves the flow and quality of the conversation.

As previously stated by Dave Citron, Director of Product, Voice & Video, Google Workspace

“We’re pleased to work with Huddly® to bring advanced camera technology and multi-camera solutions to Google Meet Series One room kits. With increasing adoption of hybrid work, it’s important that everyone in the virtual meeting can have a full appreciation for what’s going on in the conference room.”

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