Human Beings Are A Product of Their Own Psychology about Life” – Author Aniket Vats On His New Novel Psychological Love

Author Aniket Vats is one of those young authors in India who dare to think differently and succeed in their attempt in sharing fresh thoughts and ideas with their readers. Aniket has studied human psychology intimately both academically and as an observer. His recently released e-book traces the journey of an individual who adheres to certain notions and how his belief system leads him to where he reaches in life.

Talking about the novel, the young author says, “Human beings are a product of their own psychology about life. I have tried to explore this concept through this book. Psychological Love’, which happens to be the title of the novel, gives you a clear glimpse of what you should expect from it. It explores several things that a young individual faces in his life at different points. The book explores the relationship between the protagonist and different people in his life like his teachers and friends who play an important role in shaping his life.

Apart from drawing experiences from his own life, the kind of situations he saw people around him dealing with also helped Ankit in his writing process. While many books have revolved around love and its different aspects, there are very few authors who have been able to link it to one’s psychology. Interestingly, this book explores the love of a person for his psychology and how deeply it impacts him.
“The book also touches upon the complexities of a father-son relationship which is seldom talked about. I have explored the issue of peer pressure and the kind of psychological effect it has on students. I have also written about the ‘hermit point of view’ which is essentially about how you can have a broader view of the world around you. Most people don’t realize this but our individual psychology is responsible for how we navigate through life”, he says.

Aniket considers himself to be a ‘life learner’. He believes one lifetime is not enough to learn and process all that the world has to offer. According to him, every day one must make it a point to observe life closely and understand what it is trying to teach us. Every day, he says, can teach us an important lesson if we are observant enough. His philosophies and ideas on life reflect in the books authored by him.

Elaborating on what inspires him as an author, he says, “To have original ideas and offer something new to the readers, you must keep your eyes and mind open. I am a keen observer of human behaviour and try to understand how an individual’s thoughts influence their actions or the decisions taken by them. When people read my books, they can relate too many of the situations depicted in them. My books are steeped in realism and I make an attempt to delve deep into ideas that have not been explored or discussed earlier.”
‘Psychological Love’, authored by Aniket Vats, is available in e-book format on Amazon. The novel is available for free and can be read on a Kindle device and other e-book readers as well.

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