Today, on Human Rights Day 2023, Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization in Malaysia (MERHROM) joins the world in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). This is a significant milestone in the advancement of human rights globally.

The theme chosen for Human Rights Day 2023 clearly calls upon everyone to ensure Freedom, Equality and Justice For All. Therefore, it is very important to relook at our past strategies and move forward with a permanent solution to the various problems we face in the world. As UDHR ensures the rights of everyone regardless of race, colour, sex, political or other opinion, status etc. we really hope more can be done to ensure the safety of everyone.

As we are facing ongoing conflict, war and genocide, challenged by pandemic, hate speech, xenophobia, climate change etc. we need to see the most workable permanent solution to end human rights violations globally. We are heartbroken to see many lives were sacrificed in the Palestine-Israel war. We urge the permanent ceasefire to be achieved for now to ensure the safety of everyone.

While we are grateful that the global citizens are rendering humanitarian assistance to the victims of conflict, war and genocide, this is not a permanent solution to conflict, war and genocide. The root cause of the problem must be addressed and solved through collective and ongoing dialogue, international pressure, sanctions and finally legal actions through International Criminal Court (ICC) and International Court of Justice (ICJ).

As we live in the advancement of technologies, it is crucial to use the technologies in the best way to prevent human human rights violations to anyone. As the vulnerable communities such as refugees, migrants and stateless are facing ongoing xenophobia and hate speech worldwide, it is important that more work need to be done globally to educate global citizens about harmonious coexistence and the need of each other between locals, refugees and migrant’s communities to ensure safety and dignity of everyone.

As a Refugees are not threats; we are victims of war, genocide, and conflict who fled our countries to seek refuge and protection. We don’t come here to steal locals ‘jobs or take over the country. We are here to seek protection temporarily until the UNHCR finds a durable solution for us.

MERHROM urges all UN member states, the civil society and the global citizen to work together to ensure Freedom, Equality and Justice For All.

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