ICICI Bank organizes 500 currency exchange melas in Delhi

· Nearly 4,000 customers visited these melas that took place in last 6 months

· Fresh currency and coins worth ₹ 13.26 crore were exchanged

Delhi: ICICI Bank announced that it has organised 500 currency exchange melas in Delhi in the last six months. These melas were organised under the aegis of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In line with the RBI’s ‘Clean Note Policy, the purpose of the melas was to distribute coins to the general public as well as to provide fresh currency notes in exchange for soiled and mutilated ones.

Mrs. Shubha Modi, Deputy General Manager, Reserve Bank of India, Delhi, inaugurated the 500th currency exchange mela that took place at the Bank’s branch at Connaught Place.

Nearly 4,000 customers participated in these melas and exchanged ₹13.26 crore worth of coins in the denominations of ₹10, ₹ 5, ₹ 2 and ₹ 1 along with fresh currency of ₹ 100, ₹ 50, ₹ 20 and ₹ 10. People from all walks of life, including traders, retailers and retired individuals, participated in these melas to obtain smaller denominations of currency and coins, which would help them undertake small ticket transactions in a convenient manner. Customers of ICICI Bank as well as customers of other banks participated in these melas free of cost.

The Bank has a wide network of 5,534 branches and 13,379 ATMs spread across the country. It has 202 branches and 805 ATMs in Delhi and NCR. (Branch and ATM data is at June 30, 2022)

ICICI Bank services its large customer base through a multi-channel delivery network of branches, ATMs, call centre, internet banking (www.icicibank.com) and mobile banking.

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