ICPA’s Pilon – A Safe & Effective Herbal Treatment For Piles

Mumbai, May 2023: One of India’s leading Pharma Company – ICPA Health Products Ltd’s (ICPA) flagship product – Pilon, a safe and effective herbal treatment option for piles is now available across all leading pharmacies in the State. Available in two forms viz. Pilon Tablets for pre and post-operative treatment in hemorrhoidectomy and Pilon Ointment for relief from haemorrhoids, Pilon is a complete solution to treat piles. The product is a unique combination of natural and Ayurvedic ingredients that work together to provide relief from the discomfort and pain associated with piles.

Pilon tablets contain a blend of over a dozen herbs and minerals that help to reduce inflammation, soothe the digestive system and improve circulation. Pilon ointment contains natural ingredients such as kasisadi oil, yashad bhasma and camphor which help to relieve pain and itching, reduce swelling and promote healing.

Apart from pharmacies, Pilon is also available across all leading online stores in India. For more information on the product and its benefits, visit icpahealth.com.

Company name: ICPA Health Products Ltd.

Product name: Pilon Tablets & Pilon Ointment

Qty.: Strips of 5 x 10 tablets & Tube of 25 g

MRP: Rs.193/- & Rs.54/-

Available on: icpahealth.com

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