If you sit for long, don’t get it wrong: Green Soul launches informative campaign with Taapsee Pannu

The campaign delves into the health benefits of sitting on the brand’s ergonomic chairs

Tuesday, 16 August 2022: UpScalio-owned Green Soul, a leading ergonomic furniture brand, has launched an exciting ad campaign featuring the dynamic Bollywood leading lady Taapsee Pannu. The campaign video highlights the several health benefits of using an ergonomic chair from Green Soul, especially for your back.

Conceptualized around ‘Yoga For Your Back’, the video adequately showcases how an ergonomic chair improves back health, and is conducive to long hours of sitting. The underlying message relayed through the fun visuals and interesting voice-overs is that while you may not be able to reduce the hours you spend sitting, you can make sure to stay fit while you sit!

The campaign video displays a guy awkwardly trying to pull off some yoga moves when Taapsee enters and suggests a better alternative to Yoga – sitting on a Green Soul chair. The inventive campaign masterfully explains the merits of each chair along with their distinct aesthetics, premiumness, and multiple use-cases for work, leisure, or complete rest. The campaign also highlights the customer love that Green Soul has garnered with over 2 lakh reviews and a 4.4 star rating on Amazon.in.

Speaking on the campaign, Nitin Agarwal, Co-Founder and CGO, UpScalio, said, “We are proud of the growth Green Soul has achieved over the past one year and believe it deserves much more. With the Diwali sales season coming up, this was the perfect time to expand customer reach and awareness around the brand’s impressive product portfolio and its unique benefits for back posture health. The ad films designed by Enormous are perfectly aligned with our vision for this campaign, and we cannot wait to see the customer response,”

Taapsee Pannu, said, “Ergonomic chairs are becoming super important, especially for new-age professionals, creatives, gamers and many other people who find themselves seated for the better part of the day. Our back bears the brunt of our long hours of remaining seated, and Green Soul’s range of ergonomic chairs are just what the doctor ordered. I am personally excited about their products and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this campaign. As they say, it’s time to get some Yoga For Your Back!”

Ashish Khazanchi, Managing Partner, Enormous, said, “This was a very interesting campaign to work on with a brand that’s growing at lightning speed. Taapsee Pannu’s presence as a health and sports enthusiast is aligned perfectly with Green Soul’s health-focused value proposition. Along with the tie-in with Taapsee, we wanted the campaign to emphasize the unique use-case of Green Soul, which is helping people bearing the brunt of a sedentary lifestyle to treat their back to some tender loving care without moving a muscle. We’re happy with the end result and look forward to sharing it with the brand’s stakeholders.

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