Imarticus Learning advances discussion on the ‘Reimagining EdTech’ with TEDx Event

December 16, 2023: Imarticus Learning, the pioneer in India’s EdTech landscape, recently hosted a thought-provoking TEDx event centered around the theme ‘Re-imagining EdTech.’ This impactful event brought together over 25 distinguished luminaries from diverse sectors, where they shared their wisdom and insights on the ever-changing landscape of education and technology.

The event was commenced by Sonya Hooja, Founder & COO, Imarticus Learning, and the keynote address was by Nikhil Barshikar, Founder & MD, the event served as a transformative platform, shedding light on the historical progression and ongoing transformations within the educational technology domain. The core focus was on leveraging innovative technologies to revolutionize learning methodologies, systems, and tools, ultimately enhancing learning experiences for all.

The highlight of the event was the captivating conversation with Mr. Gautam Thaker, CEO of Prosus EdTech, who delved into the theme ‘EdTech Odyssey: Navigating the Future of Learning in India’.

Furthermore, the event unwrapped with core focus on: ‘The Future of Corporate Learning: Blending EdTech with Traditional Training’; ‘Personalised Learning in the Workplace: The Next Frontier in L&D’; ‘Learning and Emerging Tech: The Role of AI and Machine Learning in EdTech’; and ‘Investing in the Future: Identifying Next-Gen EdTech Innovations’.

Distinguished luminaries from renowned organisations such as Mr. Abhilash Misra (CEO, NSE Academy Ltd); Mr. Ajay Shah (Partner, Investment Banking, EY India); Mr. Saurabh Wadhwa (Executive VP & Head of Organisation Learning at Kotak Mahindra Bank), Mr. Binoj Vasu (CLO, YES Bank) and Mr. Kaushik M Das (SVP & Head of Talent, Learning & DEI at Citibank, South Asia) Mr. J S Manoj Koundinya (SVP – Human Resources – Talent Management & OD – DBS Bank, India) were a part of the panel discussion. The panel also featured Mr. Samrat Banerjee (General Manager – BFS: L&D – WNS); Ms. Reetu Raina (VP & Global Head – Talent Management, Amdocs); Mr. Varun Chopra (Co-Founder & CEO, Eduvanz); Mr. Raghav Himatsingka (Founder, Raising Superstars & Prodigy Framework ); Mr. Prashanth Singh (COO & Co-founder, Leadsquared); Mr. Gaurav Jain (Principal, Kaizenvest); Ms. Nimisha Nagarsekar (Investment Partner & CFO, Sixth Sense Ventures). The event also featured a discussion with Mr. Akhil Handa (Ex CDO, Bank of Baroda) who gave insights into “TechHorizon: EdTech, Fintech, and the Future of Banking Workforce.’’

The forum also explored into critical topics such as ‘The Future of Indian Management and Engineering Education in the Digital Era’ and ‘Transformative Learning: Real-World Impact and Stories’ featuring speakers such as Mr. Ashok Banerjee (Director, IIM Udaipur), Ms. Vinita Sahay (Director, IIM Bodh Gaya), Mr. Rajat Agrawal (Dean, IIT Roorkee), Rajeev Kumra (Dean, IIM Lucknow), Dr. Indirah Indibara (Head of Executive Education & eLearning, IIM Raipur); Mr. Karthik C (Vice President, Head of Data Science, Imarticus Learning); Ms. Sujatha Iyer (AVP, Credit Risk Control, Mufg Enterprise Solutions); and Ms. Pratishtha Shyam (Corporate Trainer). They shared profound insights on advancing AI and Machine Learning, understanding the intricacies of technology’s integration into education, and highlighting real-world examples of transformative learning journeys.

In addition to the panel discussion, the event featured a TEDx Talk presented by Dr. Avantika Tomar (EY-Parthenon), titled “Bridging Policy and Practice in Education: The Road Ahead for EdTech”. Mr. Sandeep Rambhatla (SVP, Imarticus Game Studio, Imarticus Learning) delivered a talk on “The ABCs of Oops.” The Imarticus Spotlight segment was led by Mr. Apurva Sheth (Executive Director, Enterprise, Imarticus Learning).

Nikhil Barshikar, Founder and CEO, Imarticus Learning, said ‘”Nurturing a platform for insightful conversations at TEDx, Imarticus Learning aims to redefine the contours of the EdTech landscape. Our commitment to unraveling the intricacies of the industry and fostering dialogues with luminaries underscores our vision for a future where education transcends conventional boundaries. ”

On this occasion, Sonya Hooja, Co-founder and COO, Imarticus Learning, expressed “Imarticus Learning is committed to pushing the boundaries of educational discourse, and the recent TEDx event serves as a testament to our dedication. Through insightful discussions led by industry luminaries, we aimed to unravel the intricate layers of the EdTech landscape. As we navigate the beauty and challenges within this dynamic sector, our goal remains to fuel dialogues that transcend conventional norms, ensuring sustained growth and innovation for the future of education.”

Imarticus Learning, recognizing the multifaceted nature of the EdTech industry, strategically leveraged the TEDx platform to foster dialogues that elucidate the nuances within each sector. The objective is to propel the industry beyond conventional norms and ensure its sustained growth.

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