Impiger Technologies brings back professional golf tournament to Chennai

Chennai, 02.09.22: This previous week of August had a lot of firsts for both Impiger Technologies, a global digital transformation company, and the professional golfing community in Chennai. It was the coming together of the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) event at the challenging 18-hole course of TNGF Cosmo Club for the first time.

After more than two years of a wait due to Covid-19, Impiger Technologies finally got an opportunity to partner with the PGTI to bring the marquee professional golf tournament to Chennai. Ramakrishnamoorthy V, Global-CEO of Impiger, an avid amateur golfer, decided not to miss this opportunity and came on board. Ramakrishnamoorthy (known as RKM fondly amongst his peers) has always looked for opportunities to be inclusive in the endeavours Impiger partook in.

A golf clinic organized by PGTI helped further this cause. It extended access to the game to newcomers and interested people who haven’t had a chance to experience golf otherwise, with a platform for learning from some of the best golf professionals in the world. When asked about why he plays golf, of all the games, he signed off by saying that he finds golf to be a meditative activity that helps him juggle his work and personal life balance.

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