In Patna, the business of poison is being done not of liquor

.Even after the prohibition of liquor in Bihar, liquor smugglers are inventin g new ways every day. Smugglers are now doing their business in the posh area of ​​the capital, this was revealed when in the capital’s Patrakarnagar police station area, hiding in the scooty late at night. A young man named Bablu Kumar Yadav was arrested while carrying two bottles of foreign liquor for delivery.

Upon strict interrogation by the police, it was found that the arrested person is a member of a large-scale secretive gang manufacturing/selling/supplying illegal foreign liquor. It has come to light in the research that these people have invested a lot of capital in the business of illegal foreign liquor for manufacturing and supplying on a large scale and for this they use many four wheelers and two wheelers and by these people Maca have been hired at Vijayanagar (Journalist Nagar), Alamganj and Azimchak (Gaurichak, Patna) for the manufacture and supply of illegal foreign liquor. Arrested Bablu Kumar told that a large quantity of illegal foreign liquor making materials/machines etc and made foreign liquor have been kept hidden in these places.

After this information, the team carried out a continuous campaign for two days under the direction of the Senior Superintendent of Police, Patna. In this campaign, raids were conducted on the ground floor of Arvind Kumar Mishra’s house in Vijayanagar (Journalist Nagar) on the basis of involvement on the spot of the arrested accused, in which a large quantity of illegal foreign liquor was kept hidden for the manufacture of illegal foreign liquor and made illegal foreign liquor. etc. were found. With this they were arrested.

In this regard, Patrakarnagar police station case number-142/22 dated-20.03.22. Section-30(a)(c)(d)/32(2)/33/34(b) (iv)/41(i) (ii) Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act has been registered. In the course of research, raids were conducted in a three-storey godown on the four lane in Azimchak (Gaurichak, Patna), a large number of liquor and liquor were recovered.

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