In these challenging times, Nirmala Raju ‘Nila’ is out to spread positivity, with her remote holistic wellness course

US based corporate leader turned healer, with her Joyous Body protocol (JBP) program is transforming lives.

Mumbai, 26th February 2022: US based Indian holistic healing and wellness coach, Nirmala Raju aka Nila is out to change the quality of lives of people across the globe, with her innovative and life changing wellness programs, which are very simple and easy to imbibe on the go.

A corporate leader turned healing specialist, her mission is to create lasting wellness and good life to people whose chose to follow her methodology, which has till now been offered to people in about 114 nations, and been taken by over 1000 people in India itself. Unlike long duration courses out there in the market, Nila’s USP is a 2 hour course, called the Joyous body protocol, JBP, that can be offered remotely, in the virtual mode.

JBP is a course that has been channeled by Nila, and offered to her clients all over to activate body’s own healing capacity. The course is part of a more holistic body of work she calls Light key wellness system. During the JBP session Light keys, high vibrational symbols are applied to various parts of the body as needed, with an aim to create optimal health, and also freedom from a whole lot of chronic pains and aches, which hit the human body over time. The USP of the JBP is that it restores the body’s healing capacity naturally, thus ensuring an overall sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Speaking to the media here, and elaborating to the media about her short wellness program (course), Nirmala Raju, Corporate leader, and Healer said – “”Having been a part of the corporate world, I know exactly how stress impacts our physical and mental health! These are truly extraordinary times that everyone needs to put more emphasis on self-care. Joyous Body Protocol is a very simple way to take care of yourself and your loved ones from where you are! Wellbeing is an easy choice with JBP.”

My 20+ years of healing experience has helped me put the JBP course together considering the fact that stress and a fast lifestyle, with less attention to lasting health, is almost common place now. In this, people do not have the time to spend on long duration healing courses; Also, such courses become unfeasible, give the short attention span, which is a key factor in learning, or creating programs now”

“The JBP course is very short and power-packed which is offered online by me and the facilitators trained by me to people all across the world,. Within just a couple of hours, they can imbibe the methodology, and get certified to offer to other people as well. A JBP session takes just 10-20 minutes but the benefits are far and wide. It’s so revered by the practitioners around the workd because it is so empowering.” she added.

About Nirmala Raju aka Nila, Infinite Healing.

Nirmala Raju, or Nimi or Nila as she is known, began her spiritual journey in 1997. For more than 20 years she has been exploring the world of healing and has made it her quest to study numerous modalities that can bring spiritual and physical relief to those in need, along with her corporate career.

Nirmala has offered the JBP program channeled by her to thousands across the globe, spread over 114 nations, including over 1000 trained in the Indian sub-continent.

Her company is called Nilacharal Ltd, and the website is and she can be reached through the site.


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