Incoming – Germ Load on Mobile Phones

From IPL to OTT – phone is our chosen medium for all. Internet penetration is on the rise – not to forget how meteorically have smart phones grown over the years. In the future, we can only imagine phones becoming even more important than they are right now. As per a study in 2021 – Indians are spending almost 5 hours daily on mobile phones.

About 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by unclean hands touching contaminated surfaces.

When we put these facts together – it dawns on us that while we spend adequate time to wash our hands with soaps/handwash, do we ever clean our phones which are with us practically every waking moment.

The mobile germ load and the how?

We have no reservations about using our phones at any time and from any location. From our morning commute to the dinner table to the doctor’s office, to the bathroom, we have our phones in our hands or within close proximity at all times.

As per a study in Arizona – cellphones carry 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats

Health care experts have time and again stressed upon washing your hands with soap/handwash is the best prevention against the transmission of germs that could cause any kind of illness in the human body. However, the question arises that how do we clean our phones without harming them? Your phone has so many germs as it remains warm throughout the day because of how excessively we use it . The warm environment is conducive for bacterial growth. Phone is a high contact device – which is constantly being in touch with our fingers or are in close proximity to our mouths – this making it important to clean these devices at regular intervals.

The right way of cleaning along with rendering the phone protected from germs

Cleaning phones with a cloth removes dirt but germs can still endure cleaning. One cannot imagine washing phones, and soap water can penetrate the phone’s hardware easily. To find a solution, one might resort to using a product such as Savlon Germ Protection Wipes which cleans and protects the phone from germs at the same time without leaving a soapy residue on your phone screens. Savlon Wipes are suitable to use on gadgets – they don’t stain and don’t impair the working of the device post use*.

Please follow device manufacturer’s instructions on mobile cleaning. Before using the wipes – please unplug all cables and switch off the device before use. Avoid getting liquid in openings like microphones, speaker slots, ports etc. Always test for suitability on a small inconspicuous area of the device before use.

Also, Savlon Germ Protection wipes have a skin friendly pH and are safe to use on body. They are truly multi-purpose and can be used on surfaces of glass, marble, wood, plastic and stainless steel etc**.

So, leave your worries behind and wipe away the dirt and germs in every swipe with Savlon’s Germ Protection Wipes!

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