InCruiter goes global with expansion in the US market

InCruiter envisions establishing the brand in the international market, spreading its wings in Dubai, Singapore, Canada, and the Philippines

Delhi, February 27, 2023: InCruiter, a leading interview solution provider, announced its foray into the United States (US) market. As per its internal study, the company found that the demand for its products – mainly Interview-as-a-Service (IaaS) – is higher in this geography, with 10X price as compared to India. As part of this expansion, InCruiter aims to tap into this unexplored growth opportunity to scale its business to new heights.

InCruiter recently raised INR 10 million in revenue-based funding to market its products globally. After successfully venturing into the US market, the company plans to accelerate expansion in Dubai, Singapore, Canada, and the Philippines. InCruiter strives to establish the brand globally as a leader in the IaaS and video interview platform. The company is also in the process of hiring a team of professionals in the US and focus on enhancing the current product for this market.

Speaking on the US expansion, Anil Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder, InCruiter (IaaS Firm) said, “This expansion is no less than a milestone for us. After working tirelessly to make our dream a reality, it took us less than five years to go global with our product. Following our successful functioning in India, we realized this product has huge potential not only in our nation but also across the globe. Thus, we decided to take it forward.”

He added, “With this expansion, we expect to generate 10X revenue for the organization with a strong focus on our hero product, IaaS. We also plan to take our products to other geographies in the near future. We expect to capture 25% of the global market in the next two years.”

InCruiter offers remote interview solutions for businesses to identify the perfect fit for their company through precision and accurate evaluation. Since its inception in 2018, InCruiter has conducted about 50 thousand interviews, engaged over 2200 interviewers, and completed 1.51 million interview mins in 2022.

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