Inculcating the Human Element into HR

Mumbai, March 2022: Raia-based V. M. Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE) recently organized a session – ‘Role of HR in the Hospitality Industry’ for the Master’s students where students were able to interact with UAE based HR expert Binu Prasad.

The session focused on the understanding of HR practices in the sector, while also addressing various ethical challenges faced by HR managers in the twenty-first century. The students were offered practical insights into human resource issues such as employment, cash and incentive plans, employee discrimination, performance appraisal, privacy, safety and health, restructuring, and layoffs. Binu Prasad discussed leadership in an organization and why consistency is essential in leadership. Emphasis was laid on incorporating the element of humanness into HR management.

Commenting on the session, Clara Diniz, Masters’s student at VMSIIHE, said, “The session was excellent and extremely beneficial, I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it”, Another Masters student Neil Pereira agreed that the session was interesting and practical.

Binu Prasad expressed his gratitude for being closely associated with the institution and acknowledged his admiration for Prof. Irfan Mirza, Principal/ Director, VMSIIHE.

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