Indeed’s Best Jobs of 2023 sees resurgence of tech jobs in India

Bangalore, 14 March 2023: Indeed, the world’s no.1 job site has launched a list of Best Jobs for 2023 in India, which shows that tech jobs are leading the list. Despite the layoffs that were reported in the second half of 2022; technology job roles account for 15 of the top 20 titles in India. Indeed has compiled this list of best jobs based on availability (share of job postings), salary, opportunity growth (% change YoY), and the number of postings offering remote or hybrid working arrangements based on data from its platform.

With large tech companies undergoing a period of correction, other companies appear to be ready to snatch up prime technology talent. This is largely due to the fact that tech roles have a larger volume of jobs as compared to any other job role. Technology roles are also sector agnostic, meaning that every sector has a requirement for tech roles.

Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India said, “Overall the year will continue to see tech roles hire the most. India is seeing a steady and stable growth and the short term impact of recession and layoffs are not likely to impact the future of tech roles in India. With increasing investment in IT and adoption of new age emerging technologies, job roles in these areas will also see a rise this year.”

Additionally, technology jobs offer a lot of workplace flexibility as well as competitive salaries, both of which are qualities that jobseekers value highly. The high demand for technical skills both inside and outside of the technology sector is good news for tech employees and a clear indication of where opportunities exist for individuals beginning or changing careers.

This trend is not only seen in India but also globally. In Indeed’s Global Best Jobs of 2023 list, tech jobs occupy the top three spots – full stack developer, data engineer and cloud engineer. This is an improvement from last year where only one tech job made it to the top ten.

Developers have emerged in India as the most sought-after role, especially those that can design, develop and maintain the front-end and back-end of a web application, making up five of the top 10 job roles.

Top 20 jobs roles for 2023 in India 

S.No Job role Mean salary Jobs per 1M for the period ending 2023-01-01 % change in job between 2020-01-01 & 2023-01-01 % containing remote in job description
1 Developer 7,46,327 22,945 33 19
2 Software engineer 5,74,407 22,269 37 11
3 Senior software engineer 12,66,233 14,958 66 11
4 Application developer 6,60,591 14,554 235 2
5 Full stack developer 10,30,303 12,993 117 16
6 Java developer 9,04,101 7,628 7 13
7 Software architect 19,12,104 6,656 65 8
8 Front end developer 8,16,624 6,081 11 19
9 Data engineer 14,50,872 5,699 353 11
10 Engineer 5,86,218 5,698 16 12
11 Software test engineer 8,80,861 5,328 40 12
12 Business analyst 7,74,749 5,055 31 10
13 Development operations engineer 10,40,826 4,966 110 16
14 Project manager 8,33,183 4,859 34 8
15 Technical lead 16,82,603 3,861 60 7
16 Consultant 7,46,020 3,809 9 7
17 Account manager 6,07,520 3,757 26 8
18 Branch manager 6,64,060 3,401 9 3
19 Senior developer 9,05,398 3,299 34 16
20 Human resources manager 4,98,772 3,146 29 9

These tech roles see the highest salaries 

Even with instability in the market, the demand for tech workers does not appear to be going anywhere and neither is the industry’s trademark high compensation. Principal software engineer, engineering manager, data scientist, data modeler, and software architect are expected to be the top paying jobs in 2023

Job roles with highest salaries

S.No Job roles Mean salary
1 Principal software engineer 31,54,395
2 Engineering manager 25,91,267
3 Data scientist 24,62,356
4 Data modeler 20,30,792
5 Software architect 19,12,104

Additionally, the job roles that have seen the highest growth since pre-pandemic (January 2020) are data engineer (353%), site reliability engineer (260%), assistant engineer (254%), application developer (235%), cloud engineer (220%).


Indeed’s list of best jobs has been calculated based on job postings, mean salary, year on year job growth as well as percentage of jobs containing remote in its description on Indeed’s platform between January 2020 and January 2023. The percentage depicted shows the percentage change in jobs share per 1 million jobs

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