India Accelerator and Gujarat’s i-Hub join hands to nurture the startup ecosystem in India

Gurugram,April 2022:The Gujarat Student Startup and Innovation Hub (i-Hub) and India Accelerator have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create and curate a pipeline of early-stage startups that can be mentored, supported and financed by investors.

Gurugram, 11 April 2022: India Accelerator, India’s only GAN partnered accelerator has recently partnered with Gujarat government’s vibrant incubation setup, i-Hub to fuel and foster the startup ecosystem in India, with a special focus on Gujarat.

India Accelerator and i-Hub have both agreed to develop joint programs and initiatives that bolster the startup ecosystem of the country while creating win-win situations for both parties. As per the MoU, both i-Hub and India Accelerator will jointly develop a pipeline of early-stage startups in India that can be mentored and prepared for funding by investors.

i-Hub, a vibrant incubation setup, established under Student Startup Innovation Policy (SSIP) by the Gujarat government’s education department will facilitate alliances between potential investable startups and the India Accelerator. It aims to create more awareness about financing innovation and startups by joining hands with organizations like India Accelerator. Additionally, India Accelerator will help in the efforts of i-Hub in mentoring the startups in their forward integration journey of mind-to-market.

Delighted with the recent partnership, Ashish Bhatia, Founder and CEO of India Accelerator said, “We are thrilled to have joined hands with i-Hub to provide a conducive ecosystem for the innovative and budding startups of India. We are looking forward to putting the startups of Gujarat and India on the map and generating employment within the country. Our partnership will help early-stage startups to get the right mentorship, support and resources at the right time which will help them raise capital and succeed. With this association, we believe we can propel the startup ecosystem in India to new heights.”

Commenting on the partnership, Hiranmay Mahanta, CEO of i-Hub said, “Having worked closely with so many promising young entrepreneurs and startups in Gujarat, we want to create a trajectory for them to advance from mind-to-market. Our collaboration with India Accelerator will help the innovative startups of India to overcome the early-stage challenges and raise capital. We are committed to furthering the growth and development of student startups and building India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Founded in 2019, i-Hub is a vibrant incubation set up, focused on catalyzing the creation of a strong startup ecosystem across the state of Gujarat by inculcating entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of the state. The Student Startup and Innovation Hub has undertaken strategic interventions to develop an exemplary incubation support system by linking students, academia, industry and society at large.

Being India’s only GAN partnered mentorship-driven accelerator, India Accelerator has empowered over 100 diverse startups to grow into successful ventures across the country. A leading seed-stage accelerator in India, the company helps startups grow from ground zero by providing them with building blocks like capital, mentorship, network and technology, among others. The company has also been recognized as the ‘Best Accelerator of India’ by Startup India.


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