India Inc launches ‘World Citizen Development Week’; International Businesses partake in India’s pioneering celebration of Digitization

The event boasts of a diverse lineup of national & global technology leaders

India, 17 April 2023 — Designated by the United Nations, the World Creativity Innovation Day is a global celebration of the importance of creativity and innovation in tackling real world problems. With an intent to commemorate the idea that the UN day stands for, and to tap into creativity for developing innovative solutions, an Indian technology player has launched the World Citizen Development Week on Innovation Day. The global event has kickstarted today and will continue till 21st April 2023. Citizen Development is a concept that empowers individuals who may not have a formal coding background to create custom applications, websites, and other digital solutions. The weeklong knowledge panels promise a deep dive into no-code low-code tools, that help bring ideas to life quickly and without relying on expensive development teams.

Ideated by Quixy, an Indian no-code technology company, the World Citizen Development Week rapidly garnered international interest, with technology companies coming forth to participate in the premiere edition of the newly launched annual event. Hosted by a team of seasoned professionals in the technology and innovation sectors, this event is aimed at empowering individuals and businesses with the knowledge and tools needed to take on their development projects. Over the course of 5 days, national and international attendees will participate and learn from a variety of interactive workshops, presentations, and networking sessions.

Speaking about the first of its kind event, Mr. Vivek Goel, Vice President – Marketing & Evangelism at Quixy said, “Citizen Development Week is designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration. Highly valued attendees from across the globe are expected to share their insights on Citizen Development, its practicality, its AI (artificial intelligence) use cases among other interesting subjects. With a diverse range of speakers and topics, the event is sure to transform the traditional look on software development”.

Some of the key speakers across panels include Mr. Matt Hubbard, Head of Operational Excellence, Trackvia, Mr. Jesse Shiah, CEO and Co-Founder, Agilepoint, Mr. Jesse Fu, Senior Director, Automation & Business Transformation, SiriusXM, Mr. Michael McCullough, Citizen Development Business Architect, Amtrak, Ms. May Linn Liao Amorelli, IT Business Analyst, Shell and Mr. Vivek Goel, Vice President – Marketing & Evangelism, Quixy among others.

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