Indian Doctors Gift A New Life To 51-Year-Old Yemen Man

51-Year-Old Yemen Man With Liposarcoma successfully Treated At Zynova Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals

Mumbai: Dr. Sundaram Pillai, Surgical Oncologist, Zynova Shalby Hospital and his team triumphantly removed a massive 6kg tumor from the abdomen of a 51-year-old Yemen man afflicted with Liposarcoma, an uncommon form of cancer.

Mr Nasser started having vague upper abdominal discomfort since 15-20 days. Intial work up was done in Yemen. A CT scan was done in Yemen which revealed lesion in Retroperitoneum s/o Liposarcoma. Due to lack of availability of expertise in their country patient was referred to India.

Dr Sundaram Pillai, Surgical Oncologist, Zynova Shalby Hospital said, “ Pet Scan and biopsy was done here. It revealed a huge tumor of size 30 cm *25 cm * 25 cm. Liposarcoma is an unusual type of cancer that originates in fat cells in the soft tissues of the body. Patient was explained about need for Multivisceral resection.

Dr Pillai added, “In a surgery that lasted for 4 hours, a 6kg mass was extracted from the abdomen. As the tumor was encasing pancreas and spleen, hence a large part of the pancreas and the entire spleen had to be removed. As the tumor was stuck to greater curvature of stomach, a part of the stomach also had to be taken out. The surgery went well and patient was discharged after 8 days of hospitalization.

“I was diagnosed with Liposarcoma 1 month ago. I tried to seek treatment in my country but failed due to the lack of infrastructure and non-availability of expertise which is why I came to India. I was fortunate to have been treated by a skilled team of doctors in the hospital,” concluded Nasser

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