Indian Investors Capitalizing on Premium, High-End Commercial Properties in Cyprus

09th August 2023, Mumbai- Leading property developer in Cyprus, Leptos Estates introduces high-end commercial properties tailored for Indian investors. With a diverse range of commercial properties and shops available for sale, Leptos Estates caters to various budgets and business needs in the vibrant cities of Cyprus.

Cyprus captivates Indian investors with various compelling reasons including its strategic location, is part of the European Union and is a beautiful island on the Mediterranean Sea offering easy access to all of Europe.

It also offers numerous tax advantages including global income exemption, low property, income taxes, and corporate tax. Indian nationals can also capitalize on rising real estate prices, gaining passive income from property investments.

By buying a property in Cyprus, you will be granted a permanent residency, which means you can legally live and study in Cyprus. You can also apply for Cyprus citizenship and a Cyprus passport after residing for seven years. Crucially, this is an EU passport, giving you access to free movement across the continent.

Ultimately, Cyprus offers a pathway to a prosperous future including business opportunities, stability, high quality of life promising prosperous outcomes and improved lifestyles. These factors collectively make Cyprus an enticing destination for Indian investors looking to expand their global presence and diversify their portfolios.

Pantelis Leptos, Co-President of Leptos Group of Companies, expressed, “More Indians are looking to become global citizens and gaining residency in another country. It is a great way to find the best in healthcare, education, business and lifestyle offerings while being able to travel freely within the EU. Our main target group is affluent Indians with large families and family-run businesses, once the residency is obtained, it covers the main applicants’ spouse, minor children and adult children up to the age of 25 who are university students financially dependent to the main applicant.

Renowned for its prime location and exceptional business climate, Cyprus has become a beacon for forward-thinking professionals and investors from around the world. As the business landscape continues to evolve, seizing the right opportunities becomes paramount for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

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