India’s First reported case of Dual Hernia successfully treated at Fortis Cunningham Road, Bangalore

76-year-old woman was operated via minimally invasive surgery

Bengaluru, 28 July 2023: Fortis Cunningham Road achieved yet another clinical milestone in treating two hernias (bulged organs) by successfully performing India’s first-ever laparoscopic combined parastomal and perineal hernia surgery. The surgery was performed on a 76-year-old female who had acquired parastomal hernia (protruding of organs owing to previous surgical incisions) and perineal hernia (protruding of organs below the pelvic region into the abdomen) at the same time. A team of skilled surgeons led by Dr. Ganesh Shenoy K, Additional Director GI, Minimal Access, and Bariatric Surgery at Fortis Hospital Cunningham successfully conducted the surgery achieving this significant milestone in the treatment of hernia.

The patient had a history of hypertension and recurrent bladder cancer. She had undergone surgery six years ago, involving removal of bladder, vagina, uterus and pelvic lymph nodes with diversion of the urine through a small opening in the abdomen followed by chemotherapy. However, about a year ago she started experiencing pain and swelling below the pelvic region as well as around the opening site on the abdomen for which she was admitted at Fortis Cunningham Road. On examination, the patient was diagnosed with parastomal and perineal hernias for which she underwent laparoscopic parastomal and perineal hernia surgery. She was recommended surgery considering the size of the hernias which were large as well as the risk of strangulation which occurs when a coil of intestine gets trapped in the hernia and the blood supply is cut off/interrupted, which kills the tissue.

Dr. Ganesh Shenoy K, Additional Director GI, Minimal Access, and Bariatric Surgery at Fortis Hospital Cunningham, stated, “This case was first of its kind as the patient’s abdominal and pelvis scan showed hernia around her previous surgical incision measuring 3cm x 4cm as well as hernia below her pelvic region measuring 7cm x7cm with obstruction of bowel in the form of coils. Not only that, but both the hernias were operated laparoscopically wherein a thin telescope like instrument which is connected to a tiny video camera is inserted through a small incision at the belly button. This helps in viewing the insides of the patient’s body. The inner lining of the abdomen was then cut open to expose the weakness in the abdomen. Further 2 meshes were placed to cover both the deformities. The entire procedure lasted 130 minutes, and the patient experienced a swift recovery. She was discharged just two days after the surgery. Importantly, no recurrences of perineal or parastomal hernias have been observed to date, affirming the of the minimally invasive procedure.”

Mr. Akshay Oleti, Business Head, Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru said, “The laparoscopic combined parastomal and perineal hernia repair surgery sets a new standard in hernia surgery. This landmark achievement is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing the highest standard of care and embracing innovation in hernia surgery. Fortis Cunningham’s commitment to patient-centric care and continuous research has enabled it to maintain its status as Centre of Excellence in Hernia Surgery, bestowed by Hernia Society of India. The hospital will remain dedicated to advancing medical knowledge, setting new benchmarks in patient care and strengthening its position as a leader in hernia surgery.”

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