Industry veterans Amit Tripathi, and Narayan Singh Rao, an IIT and IIM alumnus, launch “SafaiMitra,” a proprietary all-in-one waste collection management software

SafaiMitra is widely adopted by numerous Indian public-private partnership (PPP) partners across various states

New Delhi 14th June 23 – DVertex Info System, a company specializing in GIS and IoT-based software solutions, has officially launched its proprietary waste collection management software, SafaiMitra. Developed by a team of young entrepreneurs based in Noida, SafaiMitra provides an all-in-one solution to manage waste collection and disposal operations from start to finish. The software is already being widely used by various Indian PPP partners and has attracted interest from waste management companies in African and Southeast Asian countries.

In line with India’s Swacch Bharat Mission and Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision for a cleaner India, SafaiMitra aims to provide a comprehensive solution to manage waste operations from generation to disposal. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the software enables waste management companies to monitor crucial aspects such as door-to-door waste collection, payment collection, transportation and logistics management, material recovery facility, and treatment plant operations.

“With SafaiMitra, we intend to transform the way waste management organisations function by offering a holistic solution to streamline procedures, improve productivity, and contribute to a cleaner and greener future. We are thrilled to see SafaiMitra making a difference not just in India but also in international markets. With this, we aspire to make the world a better and more environment friendly place.”- says Amit Tripathi, Co-Founder and Head of Technology at DVertex Info System.

Currently, SafaiMitra is widely adopted by numerous Indian public-private partnership (PPP) partners across various states. These PPPs deliver services to municipal corporations such as Ghaziabad, Bikaner, Gorakhpur, Rudrapur, and several other municipal corporations. The software has also gained significant interest from waste management companies in African and South East Asian countries. Countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and Cambodia are already benefiting from SafaiMitra’s advanced features and capabilities.

Narayan SIngh Rao Co-Founder and Head of Business says, ‘With SafaiMitra, we aim to revolutionize waste management by providing a comprehensive solution that empowers agencies to make informed decisions. Our software will not only enhance efficiency but also contribute to the global efforts for a cleaner and sustainable future.’’

The founders of DVertex Info System are industry veterans and accomplished alumni of prestigious institutions. Amit Tripati brings over a decade of experience in GIS and waste management space, whereas Narayan Singh Rao, Co-Founder and Head of Business, is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad brings over a decade of corporate and strategic management expertise to drive the company’s growth and strategic partnerships.

Narayan Singh Rao expressed his excitement about the launch of SafaiMitra, saying, “We are building partnerships across the globe for business expansion. DVertex has recently signed MoUs with a couple of prominent technology solutions consulting companies for expanding its business in the Europer, Middle East and Southeast Asian countries.”

DVertex Info System is committed to delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions for waste collection and management. SafaiMitra stands as a testament to their dedication to contributing to India’s cleanliness initiatives and addressing global waste management challenges.

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