INNTQ AB sets a new mark to the tech industry with Interactive Roller Coaster

Malmö, October 4, 2023 – INNTQ AB, the Swedish innovative tech company, has achieved huge success in just 15 months with its interactive product ROCO, the interactive roller coster designed for public venues, shopping centers, airports, playlands and event arenas. The roller coaster experience has now captivated half a million users, allowing them to create their own unique track delivering an unparalleled entertainment experience.

How does it work?
With just a few simple steps, users can choose one of the pre-set virtual worlds, construct their personal track, and experience the thrill of running it on their own. Each track is unique, providing an additional element of experiences.

The software
The software, developed by the team in Sweden, consists of C# advanced programming techniques. INNTQ has developed an innovative solution that controls the engine and the gearbox in this interactive roller coaster.

By seamlessly blending physical and digital elements, the C#-powered roller coaster opens up a world of possibilities for riders through the use of sensors, data analysis, and precise programming.

The business model
INNTQ AB is introducing a dynamic revenue split model, which fosters a mutually beneficial partnership between the company and its clients. This unique strategy empowers businesses to share in the success of their products and services.

Key results 2023
ROCO is represented in ten European countries where Westfield, Klepierre and Ingka are some of the customers.

The interactive roller coaster has not only reignited excitement in shopping centers but has also sparked interest from technology enthusiasts worldwide. The seamless marriage of technology and entertainment has garnered attention from both media and tech experts. This innovation has undoubtedly driven footfall and improved visitor satisfaction in public spaces.

“What makes ROCO unique — apart from the fact that it’s the world’s first interactive roller coaster experience — is that with the machine’s 2×2 meter footprint ROCO was also designed with the needs of venue operators in mind. Each machine is a stand-alone unit that requires no attendant and minimum upkeep. It can drive foot traffic as a point of interest to specific spots.”
says Malin Kemi, INNTQ’s Marketing and Business Developing Manager.

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