Inspiring Change and Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: SNAMUN ’23 Concludes on a High Note at The Lawrence School, Sanawar

Sanawar, July 31, 2023 – The Lawrence School, Sanawar, India’s oldest co-educational boarding school, successfully concluded the esteemed SNAMUN ’23 Conference with great enthusiasm and a renewed commitment to fostering positive change. Over the course of three days, the conference brought together exceptional students from leading schools across the nation to engage in insightful discussions and collaborative efforts aimed at building a safer, more inclusive world. The theme of the conference was: Peace, Justice and Sustainability.

The conference culminated in a celebration of exceptional talent and remarkable achievements, with prestigious awards recognizing outstanding individuals and schools for their exemplary performance. The Secretary General’s Best Delegate award was bestowed upon Himmat Singh Kular of Saint Kabir School, Chandigarh. His outstanding diplomatic skills, critical thinking, and impressive contributions to committee sessions earned him this well-deserved honor. The Best School Delegation award was clinched by Modern School, Barakhambha, New Delhi. The delegation showcased unparalleled teamwork, effective communication, and a commitment to driving positive change on a global scale.

Notably, within the committee on the United Nations Security Council, Viraj Gupta of The Lawrence School, Sanawar, demonstrated exceptional prowess in diplomacy, negotiation, and strategic thinking. As a result of his exemplary performance, he was honored with the Best Delegate Award in the respective committee, setting a shining example for his peers and future delegates.

As the curtains draw on SNAMUN ’23, The Lawrence School, Sanawar takes pride in its students’ commitment to shaping tomorrow’s leaders and driving positive change. The conference’s resounding success is a testament to the power of collaboration, vision, and dedication to building a brighter future for all.

Mr. Himmat Singh Dhillon, Headmaster of The Lawrence School, Sanawar, expressed his gratitude to all participants and mentors, highlighting the fundamental duty of educators to instill in students a profound sense of responsibility towards their communities and the world. He called upon every school, regardless of its location, to embrace the opportunity to positively impact their surroundings and inspire young minds to become change agents, transcending boundaries and fostering enlightenment for all.

Being invited to the event was a true honor. In a world often constrained by rigidity, SNAMUN’23 has paved the way for progressive social movement. Change is made one day at a time, and everyone needs to do their bit in order to slowly make a change. Fearlessness and truthfulness in our thoughts are key factors, as our thought processes need to be original – Mr. Vinod Sultanpuri, Member Legislative Assembly, Himachal Pradesh and an alumnus of The Lawrence School, Sanawar.

SNAMUN ’23 addressed crucial global issues during its engaging discussions and workshops. Notable topics included the examination of global crises, empowering women’s leadership at the grassroots level, advocating for the protection of child refugees, and a comprehensive review of Agenda 2030 with a special focus on gender equality. The conference also delved into significant historical events like the Cuban Missile Crisis, providing valuable insights into crisis management and emergency planning for the participating young minds.

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