Integration of Art and Technology, Bear Art Launches STEM+ART Course

OutReach – 22 December 2021 – Bear Art, a well-known early education institution, recently
launched the church products of AI teaching baby painting. Children here can
learn not only art knowledge, but also natural encyclopedia, aesthetic judgment
and history and culture.

Bear Art advocates discovering
the world through art, integrating art and technology, and providing STEM+ART
online courses for children. With interesting animation interaction and
immersive story guidance, a vivid learning experience is created, which is
deeply loved by parents and children all over the world. Today, its students
have spread all over 113 countries and regions, and it is the wisdom choice of
2 million families around the world.

Bear Art is definitely your Child’s Very First Art
Course – Artistic Enlightenment. Bear
Art has developed a systematic course curriculum suitable for kids world-wide.

Bear Art’s educational advantages:

Flexible class time, children can book classes
anytime and anywhere.

class time, parents can book classes when they get up, or they can attend
classes when they suddenly want to attend classes temporarily, so they don’t
have to worry about being deducted after booking classes. At the same time,
Bear Art is also a baby-sitter for parents. It can not only liberate parents’
hands, but also help parents raise their children.


The class is not limited by the location, which saves
the time of going out to pick up and drop off.

the epidemic, due to market and policy restrictions, children were not free to
study in offline classes. However, in Bear ArtAI class, children can study
easily at home, and the time spent out can be saved to do more things.


The course video is valid for life and supports free
unlimited playback.

Art’s course video allows lifelong playback, which is equivalent to buying a
permanent courseware.


Each class lasts 35-40 minutes.


Free gift package for painting materials needed in

Bear Art
solves all problems of children’s drawing materials in class in one stop and
relieves parents’ worries.

color gouache pigments

oil pastel

ultralight clay

marker for children

5) Marking

Drawing paper for various works

7) Sponge seal

8) Color

Materials required for other courses


Free teaching materials

Get free picture books for children and so on.

Bear Art creates an interesting
classroom, that is, an art class that tells stories. Bear Art introduces
original stories as a course, and uses stories to open children’s imagination.
Through more than 30 interesting interactive forms, children can be more
focused in class. Besides, the painting forms are rich and interesting,
including watercolor painting, crayon painting, tailoring and collage, etc.,
which can be integrated in the classroom, thus easily improving children’s
interest in class. Bear Art also cultivates children’s personalized learning
style by using heterogeneous logic in the same class, and encourages children
to try a variety of creative forms, painting techniques and difficulties.

In terms of curriculum setting,
Bear Art has created a systematic course of “three stages plus five
levels” by a powerful research team composed of top 500 scholars in the
world. Through five Level, the course completes the three-stage jump from
scribbling to perception to bursting. Step-by-step curriculum matching will not
expose children to inappropriate knowledge at the wrong time.

The corresponding curriculum
details are set step by step. From dynamic display to artist’s thinking frame
to free expression, children need to go through: Animation Intro,Knowledge & Trivia,Step by Step Demo,Artist Techniques,Free Expression and
so on.

After the first lesson, the system will automatically
unlock the second lesson, and so on. After completing the first course, the App will unlock
the next course.

Christmas season preferential policies as of
December 31st, 2021:

Enjoy a 30% discount and a 10% discount on double
purchase. Click on the link below to purchase the exclusive offer of Bear Art.



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