International award-winning Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo, captive book ‘Ultimate Ignorance‘ on power of perception …

The man behind the ‘One World’ revolution, globally renowned advisor, humanitarian entrepreneur Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo, answers puzzling questions like Who are You? What do you want in life? What do you have that money cannot buy? in his new book ‘Ultimate Ignorance’ on life shaping perspectives from ancient, modern knowledge and scientific research.

In a simple, humorous, captive conversational style ‘Ultimate Ignorance’ one amongst his six books, Hraadyesh seeds distinct imperative thoughts through his real-life observations gathered during international engagements involving all wakes of life from globally eminent, royals, influential personalities to the loved common-man emphasising similarities in human psychology, power of mind, perception and behavior that characterise an individual. The real life observation weave beautifully by author Hraadyesh into honest, straight-talking conversations in ‘Ultimate ignorance’ you will treasure for life.

Visiting faculty, speaker at prestigious international educational institutes including IIM and prominent corporates organizations, Hraadyesh a visionary behind the ‘One World’ revolution working his bit towards building a better world and keep receiving international acclaim for his efforts. Holder of over 12 world records, Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo an internationally accoladed advisor, visionary, entrepreneur, humanitarian, speaker, lifestyle coach, founder of Hi, world’s first masterpiece supreme luxury car manufacturing co. and many other organizations. ‘Ultimate Ignorance’ is an excellent book to make better sense of your life’s most important matters.

Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo is widely considered one of the accoladed international expert and icon in the field of personal mastery, insurance, wealth management, financial planning, luxury, research, innovation is trusted for decades by famed individuals, professionals, sport stars, luminaires, member of royalty, fortune companies, educational institutes and allied. Hraadyesh is well known for his unique style, distinct approach in research, innovation, and laying foundation of new global opportunities

Hraadyesh books triggers a thought-provoking perception highlighting the illusion of human superiority and unveils the complex mechanisms at work to perpetuate it. Ultimate Ignorance is an excellent resource for your curious mind about living life

Hraadyesh books published in english are now available globally at all leading stores both online and offline. ‘Ultimate Ignorance ‘will put you back in charge of your life. Book will also be available in Hindi and many other international languages including French, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, Indian regional languages Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Bengali.

However, you perceive your moment as good, bad, positive, negative, rich, poor, easy, challenging or somewhere in between. Hraadyesh – Ultimate Ignorance will serve as an anchor and fuel for your conscious curious mind especially during your challenging as well as successful times. Ultimate Ignorance shatters your trap to let you improve well-being, relationship, internal strength to overcome hurdle, enriching both your personal and professional life.

Ultimate Ignorance by Hraadyesh Kumar Namdeo is a valuable gift to achieve whatever you want in your life to make better sense of your life’s most important matters.

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