Internet Explodes with Spider-Verse Portal Opening at ‘Gateway Of India’

Netizens go crazy spotting Spider-Verse in Mumbai..

Mumbai, June 2nd: Hold on to your spider webs, because something incredible happened in the city of Mumbai! ‘Spider-Man’ himself was spotted swinging through the city’s most iconic Gateway Of India, and the buzz is real!

Sony Pictures Entertainment India, in anticipation of the highly awaited movie ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,’ decided to give Mumbaikars an adventure they won’t forget. It all started with a quirky post that shook up on Instagram wherein the brand cautioned the netizens about some unusual sightings in the city.


This mind-bending post unleashed a wave of excitement among netizens, who began sharing their mind-blowing encounters with the Spider-Verse. From Pter (T-Rex) to Spider-Horse, Spider-Punk to Spider-Woman, various incarnations of Spider-Man crawled out from the shadows and made their presence felt around the iconic Gateway Of India. It was a sight to behold!


But that’s not all! The Spidey fever spread like wildfire, capturing the attention of influencers and meme pages across the city. They couldn’t resist joining the web-slinging fun and shared their own extraordinary encounters with ‘Spider-Man.’ From photobombs to epic selfies, these influencers and memers made sure their followers didn’t miss a beat!

JustNeelThings KishenDas SiddharthNigam

Filmygags RVCJ Insta IndianMemes

Ghanta TubeIndian TrollsOfficial

Not only this, but the brands also joined the conversation by putting out some quirky comments and communication.



In an organic whirlwind of excitement, this exhilarating experience brought the viewers closer to the action, using the power of social media to create an immersive Spider-Verse experience. ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ is set to be an absolute blockbuster, blending the iconic web-slinger with an awe-inspiring multi-verse storyline. Thus, the brand along with its agency SoCheers (an independently led digital advertising agency) is leaving no stone unturned for making its audiences feel its cinematic masterpiece.

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