Introducing Parachute Advansed Baby: Enriched with the Goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil – For Nourishing Babies

~ Enriched with the goodness of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, the Parachute Advansed Baby range is Doctor certified Newborn safe~

~ Brand launched their first TVC #GrowBabyGrow ~

National, 23rd August 2023: Marico’s Parachute Advansed, a household name that stands for nurturance, proudly unveils its latest offering, the Parachute Advansed Baby range. A trusted ally of women for generations, Parachute Advansed is now extending its nurturing care to the family’s youngest members – babies!

The range includes six thoughtfully crafted products, each designed to provide optimal care for your baby’s delicate skin: Massage Oil, Nourishing Soap, Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Lotion, Nourishing Cream and Refreshing Powder. All products in the range are enriched with the goodness of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, a natural source of some nutrients^ also found in Mother’s milk. This brand (Parachute Advansed) embodies purity, that ensures your baby receives the best care, inspired by nature itself.

At the heart of the Parachute Advansed Baby range lies the revolutionary Parachute Advansed Baby Massage Oil. Made with 100% natural oils & specially designed to cater to babies’ unique growth and development needs, daily massage with this product is clinically proven to support three key indicators of better growth: enhanced weight gain, increased height, and stronger bones & muscles.*

Speaking on the launch, Somasree Bose Awasthi, Chief Marketing Officer, Marico Limited said, “Parachute Advansed Baby marks a significant stride forward in our unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate nourishment to your little ones. With the enriching touch of 100% Virgin Coconut Oil and the goodness of other natural ingredients like coconut milk, tender coconut water amongst others., Parachute Advansed Baby range embodies the delicate balance of science and nature, ensuring your baby’s holistic growth and development. Each product is doctor-certified new-born-safe and has been designed to be as delicate as your baby’s needs right from the outset. As we introduce this pioneering range exclusively in the Andhra Pradesh & Telangana markets, we extend our warm embrace to families, inviting them to join us as we celebrate this cherished chapter in baby care.”

In an exclusive launch tailored to the Andhra Pradesh & Telangana markets, Parachute Advansed Baby enters with a splash, capturing the essence of its innovation through an engaging and heart-warming TVC #GrowBabyGrow. The charming script encapsulates the story of babies’ better growth, with daily massage with Parachute Advansed Baby massage oil, via a playful conversation between the mother and baby, sprinkled with authentic moments of shared joy, love, and care.

^ Nutrients refers to triglycerides also found in mother’s milk

* Basis clinical study 2022-23

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